Monday, September 17, 2012


I love to be entertained. I appreciate creative spirits that provide my entertainment for me, whether it’s a book, movie, music, or just an enjoyable evening over a well cooked dinner and good conversation afterward.

The problem with choosing a specific genre in anything is difficult because I’m eclectic in my choices (especially music) depending upon the mood I’m in. 

List of partcipants
I write predominately sub-genres of romance. No apologies offered for that, it’s something I enjoy. One would assume that my favorite movie genre would be the same. While I will say there is always an element of romance in the movies I enjoy, my favorite movies are adventure/action. I’m more apt to choose movies along the lines of The Fast and The Furious (what’s not to love about Vin diesel—see romantic interest, right?), Die Hard, Independence Day, Terminator 2 Judgment Day, Gladiator (loved it 5 times), Xmen movies, and Cap’n America and The Avengers. And anything StarTrek.

Before you rip away my girl card, I did love True Lies, Lake House, 50 First Dates, Under The Tuscan Sun, Pearl Harbor, Man From Snowy River, Miss Congeniality, and Princess Bride—does that count? Romancing the Stone—see, that’s a romance, right? I loved the Leetle Mule.  To be honest with you? I guess my guilty pleasure would be love of action/adventure stuff.

Book genre: Romance, although I’m not into mushy or sappy, I do like happy endings and hate endings that are ambiguous.  Blame that on being raised with seven brothers. Some of my favorite authors include much of what I love in movies—lots of danger and kick ass action. Probably why I like paranormal—it has romance and danger. I love Christine Feehan (especially her Ghostwalker series and I’ve read every book she’s written in all her series), Donna Grant—yep warriors, Anita Cleny, Sara Humphries, Lisa Renee-Jones—more warriors. Loved anything written by Anne McCaffrey—read all her books too. My next favorite, or rather equally favorite genre is thrillers—preferably political. Or romantic suspense. Oh. Um, that would be more kick-ass danger stuff, wouldn’t it? Okay, I liked Gone with The Wind and Historicals by Catherine Coulter, Jayne Anne Krenz, Julie Garwood—now there’s romance for you.

Music? I can’t pick one. Really. I can’t.

It all depends upon my mood at the moment. I can enjoy Pappa Roach, Nickel Back, and Breaking Benjamin equally with Windham music, Ottmar Liebert (I love Spanish guitar and back before my hands blew I played classical guitar), and David Arkenstone.  I enjoy instrumental jazz, most Celtic music; love the richness of Pavarotti and Placido, and 40’s torch singers. Country is something I like but more when I’m traveling and I can sing along—I grew up on it and sang in a country band in my 20’s.

Although I do have a guilty pleasure—Enrique Inglesias and he’s helped me set the mood for a few love scenes. He knows how to play sexy and generate heat in much of his music, but particularly this pieceHeartbeat 
While I enjoy movies, if I had to choose two it would have to be books and music. Choose only one? Books. I can make music.

I’ll leave you with a favorite scene of mine from a movie that has a bit of all—adventure, action, romance, and thrilling moments. This scene never fails to raise goose bumps on me.  Jim’s Ride. Man From Snowy River. 


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