Due to my schedule, I have had to reduced the number of reviews I do.

Genres: My blog target audience is predominately Adult Fiction. Thrillers, suspense, Romance (and sub-genres), Mainstream, Womans Fiction. I do not read or review horror. I don't review hard core erotica romance. If you have questions, contact me   


While I receive no payment, I am on several publisher's lists to do reviews for their authors.
I work with ARC's (physical or e-format downloaded to my kindle) sent from the publisher, or I'm sent one by the author at no charge to me.

However, while these books are *free* to me, they do not influence the integrity of my reviews nor do they guarantee a review, positive or negative.

My reviews are usually post on Amazon, Goodreads, occasionally on Night Owl, and rarely on the blog itself, although I may post a link.

Review Star Rating System:

5…Exceptional (and I don’t give many of them)

4½…A great read and a must have book

4…A very good story and well worth reading

3½…I liked the story, overall well executed

3…It was okay but something didn’t work for me

My reviews are my personal opinion on the product.

***If I choose to do the review, I usually work on a two month turn around and if I don't like it, I'm not reviewing it.***

If you are interested in having me review your authors' books with the view to featuring the author as part of a blog tour spot on Over Coffee, please contact me at