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Mary Wine has been a guest several times here Over Coffee. I thought it would be nice to learn a bit more about her beyond writing good stories. For one, she's a talented seamstress. You can click on any of the pictures to get a closer view of costumes made by Mary.

How has being published changed your life? In what ways?

This is going to sound strange but it’s given meaning to a large part of me that I really questioned. These stories are there, in my mind and very real to me. Being able to write them down and actually have someone else be interested in reading them is flat out….amazing. There is no way to really express to people how much of a jolt it gives me to have someone come up and talk to me about my characters. I mean, those crazy hatchlings of my imagination.

Did you try other genres before you hit with this one?

As far as romance, no. I’m the girl who waited with baited breath for Han Solo to kiss Princess Leia and snuck my first Johanna Lindsey book home from the super market when I was about thirteen. At least I thought I snuck it home. Seems that my mom knew about the book but my reading grades had always been low, so she decided that at least I was reading. I love many types of genres but that is really one of the great things about Romance, you can be writing a para-normal or a historical or a suspense.

How has associating with other writers helped you?
Mary in costume (her author pic
shows another costume)

Let’s me know that while I am insane, at least I’m not alone.

How important is belonging to a writing group, such as RWA, to an aspiring or published author?

I find it very important. I go out to my yearly conferences and do a lot of fact gathering and skill polishing. I think your writing can get stale if you don’t get out and polish up the skills.

What does your writing day look like?

I get up with the rest of the family and sit down at my desk. I feel one of the biggest mistakes writers make is forgetting to treat their writing like a job. Discipline is key.

Describe your writing space. Or, describe your DREAM writing space.

My current writing space in in my sewing room. My dream space would be far away from the living room, or as I tend to call it, the temple of the Xbox. I would like to have a bigger space but all I really need is my computer.

How do you refresh and recharge yourself so you can continue writing?

I tend to sew something between books. Working at the sewing machine sort of clears the deck it seems. If I’m having writers block, I go sew and it usually clears right up.

Paint me a picture, with words, of a perfect day?

I love cruise ships. I’ll hang out on the rail and enjoy the open ocean. Up in Alaska, the Hubbard Glacier is a favorite of mine. I’ll stand on that deck, squeezed in with three hundred other people, some of them wearing their bathrobes in an attempt to get another layer on them in the chill and listen to that glacier. It’s amazing.

Mary in Victorian dress
What’s a hobby you enjoy?  

Sewing. But in particular, I sew historical clothing. I own a bustle and wear it. I love to find pictures of clothing from eras gone by and recreate them and find reasons to wear them.

Does your hobby play into your writing?

Yes. If you’re reading one of my historical’s…I've worn those dresses.

How has your own romance colored how you write romance in your stories?

I am married to a wonderful man…who puts up with me. In fact, we met at a renaissance faire. He was in a suit of armor and I was wearing a court dress.

What temptation do you wish you could resist?

I don’t think I've ever met a cookie I didn't like.

Who is your real life hero?
Mary's husband in costume made
by Mary.

Nuns and anyone able to dedicate their life completely to helping others for no reward. Only the basics. It’s such a selfless act. I also really admire vegetarians. I wish I had the self-control to become one.

What’s the last thing that made you laugh?

Listening to my husband yell at the Xbox game he’s playing while I’m writing this. I have never played online games and it cracks me up to hear him and my sons getting so worked up….”What the hell do you mean!!!!”   “*%^$# Sniper!!!”

When’s the last time  you stop and reflected and realized you’re happy just where you are?

I do this often. I am very grateful for what I have, for every book contract I am offered and for every person who takes the time to email me.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? Why there?

I would love to go someplace I am not allowed. A place rich in history that perhaps isn't open to the public. Like the Tower of London, the areas not on the tour. The great pyramids of Egypt, the country is simply too unstable right now to go there. The Vatican, in the archives. I’d love to walk on the beach in the Antarctica and see the penguins, maybe I’ll get to do this one. If I were given a chance to live somewhere, I’d love to try different cultures for a few months at a time. What would it be like to be a Japanese’s woman, an Indian woman, A Greek or a hundred others. Wouldn't it be grand to experience all of these different cultures through something that we have in common like celebrating birthday parties? I think it would be smashing.

Mary, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to share a bit about yourself and your beautiful work as a seamstress!



How to Handle a Highlander (Hot Highlanders)

In a Land of Warriors Playing a Deadly Game...
Moira Fraser has been given an ultimatum—marry the elderly Laird Achaius Morris, or risk another deadly clan war. She vows to do the right thing, as long as she can steer clear of the devilish charms of one stubborn Highlander...
How Do You Avoid Becoming a Pawn? 
Gahn Sutherland knows there's a dangerous plot behind Moira Fraser's wedding, and will stop at nothing to foil it. But where a hot-headed, fiery Highland lass is involved, trust and honor clash with forbidden attraction, threatening to blow the Highland's sky-high. Excerpt


Mary Wine has written over twenty novels that take her readers from the pages of history to the far reaches of space. Recent winner of a 2008 EPPIE Award for erotic western romance, her book LET ME LOVE YOU was quoted “Not to be missed…” by Lora Leigh, New York Times best-selling author.
When she’s not abusing a laptop, she spends time with her sewing machines…all of them! Making historical garments is her second passion. From corsets and knickers to court dresses of Elizabeth I, the most expensive clothes she owns are hundreds of years out of date. She’s also an active student of martial arts, having earned the rank of second degree black belt. 
You can find Mary:,  Facebook, Goodreads, Twitter 

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I remember the day I first learned about today's guest, Donna Grant.

I was talking to a friend of mine, who was a bookseller, about how broad the scope of paranormal could be but seemed to be stuck in vampire stories.  I didn't want bloodsuckers I wanted dangerous kick ass warriors, with flaws, battling their darkness within while battling against evil with a sense of honor.   “Snap! I know an author you would love. She writes Celtic themes and recently sold to a major publisher. Wait, I have the book here…” the phone clunked on the counter. “Donna Grant and Dangerous Highlander!”  She read me the blurb…I was sold then and still am. I had Donna on my blog (Dark Swords and Druids) a few weeks later.    

Thank you to Sia for hosting me today in celebration of my newest book – MIDNIGHT’S PROMISE!

For those unfamiliar with my Dark Warriors series, let me tell you a bit about it. 
The Warriors are a group of Highlanders who are the greatest warriors of their family.  By being so, they carry within their blood primeval gods that once unbound, not only make them immortal, but give the Highlanders enhanced abilities and special powers.  They also transform by way of claws and fangs, but also each god has a color, so the Highlanders turn the color of their god when that god is released.  IOW, when those Warriors are ready for battle. J

There are so many legends and myths of Scotland that it’s hard to know what was real and what wasn't   So, when I began the series, I developed a legend of my own: What if Rome was driven out of Britain by magic? 

Druid Sonya
And by magic I mean Druids.  Two sects actually (good and bad).  It’s the evil Druids who call up the primeval gods from Hell, but it takes both sects to bind the gods inside the men.  Until my first villain, centuries later, sets the gods free once more in her bid to take over the world.

Deirdre is the perfect villain in my Dark Sword series, but when the series time traveled to modern day Scotland, I knew I had to add another twist.  Welcome Declan Wallace, a new kind of villain that takes my Warriors by surprise. Declan, however, wasn’t enough. There’s a new villain in town – Jason Wallace - and he is going to come at the Warriors and Druids sideways.
Wait, your saying.  Time travel?  Yep.  The series began in 2009 with DANGEROUS HIGHLANDER, a historical paranormal set in medieval Scotland.  After six book in the DS series, my guys decided to throw me a twist and time travel. My love was historicals.  I’d dipped my toes in contemporaries with a novella and one time travel, but not an entire book.

My publisher asked me to keep the Warriors in modern time, so there would be no going back for me. L  Yet, when I sat down to write MIDNIGHT’S MASTER (the first Dark Warrior book), I found the idea of taking these alpha, immortal Highlanders into contemporary Scotland thrilling.

All is not fun and games, however, because the storyline that began in the Dark Sword series continues in the Dark Warriors.  There are still villains to fight, evil to battle, and love to find.

It’s been a lot of fun taking each Warrior’s power and using it for - or against - him.  To add to the conflict, their heroines are Druids who each hold a special type of magic.  With the Warriors being such strong, rugged men, their heroines have to be just as stalwart to be able to stand beside them. 

It’s bitter sweet that I’m now promoting MIDNIGHT’S PROMISE, the last full length book in the Dark Warrior series.  I know many have been anxiously and not so patiently waiting for Malcolm’s book.  Malcolm first showed up in FORBIDDEN HIGHLANDER (Dark Sword book 2) and his story took one drastic turn after another.

I’m not having to say good-bye to my Warriors and Druids, however. There’s one more Dark Warrior story, a holiday novella featuring a Warrior I had thought died – Dale.  Read his story in MIDNIGHT’S SURRENDER (Nov 5, 2013).

Even then the Warriors and Druids will still be around, playing large roles in the upcoming spin off series the Dark Kings featuring my shape-shifting hunks, the Dragon Kings starting with the novella bind-up titled DARK HEAT (Dec 31, 2013) before moving on to DARKEST FLAME (April 29, 2014) and FIRE RISING (June 3, 2014).

Donna, I was glad to feature the first of these warriors in Dangerous Highlander and I'm glad to be featuring the last of these warrior's stories today with Midnight's Promise. I've enjoyed the adventure! I'm looking forward to Dark Kings series and another aspect of the magic of old--dragons!

  • Have you read Donna Grants stories?
  • Do you have a favorite warrior?


For centuries, Malcolm has struggled against the forces of darkness – and bears the scars to prove it.  Hardened by a lifetime of fighting, he is more warrior than man, incapable of feeling love or compassion. But one stormy night, he pulls a beautiful woman from a car wreck – and experiences a rush of fiery emotion that could melt even the hardest of hearts.
Since childhood, Evangeline Walker has felt the magic growing inside. Descended from Druids, she is the perfect vessel for ancient magic – and evil. Evie knows she should trust no one, not even Malcolm, whose strong touch and tender kiss she craves. But after she makes a devil’s bargain to save her half-brother, this fearsome warrior may be the only man who can protect her – with his heart, his body, and his soul…EXCERPT


New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Donna Grant 
has been praised for her "totally addictive" and "unique and sensual" stories. She's the author of more than thirty novels spanning multiple genres of romance. Her latest acclaimed series, Dark Warriors, features a thrilling combination of Druids, primeval gods, and immortal Highlanders who are dark, dangerous, and irresistible. She lives with her husband, two children, a dog, and three cats in Texas. Visit Donna at, Facebook, Goodreads, Twitter.

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This past weekend we had leaf fall. Kinda like snowfall only with leaves. It’s amazing to watch.

Two days before leaf fall we mowed the lawns and it still had the look of summer with only a touch of color. In the backyard we have a row of Walnut trees, which are usually one of the first to lose their leaves as the nights become longer, and a few maples. There had been very little loss of leaves.

Saturday night we had our first hard frost. As the sun rose everything was sparkling and then the sunlight hit the backyard trees. The leaves started falling like snow. In a matter of hours all the walnut trees were bare and half of the silver maple trees had lost their leaves as well. What was once a bare lawn now has a carpet of leaves two inches thick. You hear the leaves fall, too. There’s a soft snapping and crackling as the leaves release and then fall to the ground. My husband and I took our coffee out on the breezeway and sat on the steps leading down to the backyard and watched. It’s an amazing sight.

didn't do a video of the leaf fall but this short video show what it looks and sounds like when it happens. It’s only one walnut tree dropping leaves and I had five trees and two silver maples. I also had several of my pride of cats out there chasing the leaves. They had a great time. J

WEDNESDAY: Paranormal author, Donna Grant, will be my guest Over Coffee talking about her fabulous Scottish warriors.

FRIDAY: I have Yolanda Renee and her new book.

Be sure to stop by and see what's cooking on Wednesday and Friday. Sure to be fun. J