Monday, June 8, 2015


When my spirit is troubled, sad, or feeling stressed, I tend to walk. There’s something about being out among the trees and pastures that soothes me. Everything is so lush and green. Part of that is because we’ve had a cool spring and a lot of rain and part of it is because June is a beautiful month; it’s that moment’s pause between spring and summer.

My walking path meanders all over our property, looping back and forth leading me through trees and shrubs and across the pastures. There are many little hidden glens filled with wildflowers. As I wander and pause, hidden in the trees, I see all sorts of critters.

I’ve caught sight of foxes and their kits, the quiet glide of a coyote with her pups and watched them play like the puppies they are. We have two ponds on the property. I usually stop at the one about a quarter of a mile down behind the house. There are a lot of interesting sights to see if one is quiet and still. Lot of wildlife. At one end of the pond a pair of wood ducks have made a home and raise their babies. There’s a big abandoned tractor tire that we leave down there for them to hide in or around. I have yet to be able to get a picture of them. Always I see the ducklings swimming near the tire when I don’t have my camera.

The pond is a nursery area for deer, turkeys, quail, and I’ve seen woodchucks and armadillos—which are quite comical to watch. They’re also very playful and it lifts even the lowest spirits. There is a small herd of deer that graze on the other side of the pond and let their fawns run and play. They bring a smile to my face as they play tag and dash about. Usually this group raises several sets of twins. They’re fun to watch. The deer bed down not far from the pond at night. I’m assured of seeing them in the late afternoon.

Being outside on the property strokes all my senses. I breathe in the rich smell of growing things, the scent of the forest, a hint of wildflowers and wild roses tickle my nose. Birdsong fills the air, the hum of bees, the greeting from my horses, and company of my pride of ‘walking’ cats. We have many butterflies feasting on the wildflowers, the comedic antics of the hummingbirds fussing and chasing each other. They make me laugh, silly things. This afternoon there was an added addition of a turkey hen and her brood of about 9 chicks, I say about, because they tend to move rather quickly so it’s hard to count them accurately.

That pause between spring and summer is a great time to walk. It's where I find my peace and I smile.