Friday, May 8, 2015


Today I'm excited to welcome romance author, Jade Lee, to Over Coffee. Jade’s latest title, 50 Ways to Ruin a Rake, is out  and marks the beginning of her hilarious new Rakes & Rogues series. To celebrate her new release, Jade is here for a mini-interview.
  • What piece of writing advice sticks with you to this day?
    It’s a marathon not a sprint. A little bit every day. In the end, it’ll grow up to be a career. 
  • What has been your biggest adventure to date?
Writing funny. It’s a ton harder than I ever thought. But I’m loving the exploration.
  • Which one of your characters do you relate to the most?
Flaky heroine with the long suffering hero who (a) GETS her and (b) translates her to the world and the world to her. That would be my husband and me. And a piece of that is in every book I write. 
  • Speaking of writing funny, you mention on your blog that 50 Ways to Ruin a Rake is the funniest book you've ever written. Why?
  • There’s an escaped turkey in the book. 
  • The turkey fights in a duel. Or a melee depending on if you count the turkey as a combatant. Which you should. 
  • Everyone in the book has a plan. EVERYONE. And their plans go horribly awry. 
  • Because I was focused on joy when I wrote the book.  That’s been my new mantra.  
  • Wait a minute. A turkey fights a duel?
There is an escaped turkey who gets in the middle of a duel/melee, but that’s just a small piece of the book. In truth, the main thing is that the whole romp is about people with PLANS. And those plans just don’t work out how they expect. At all. And yes, this is the year of JOY for me. Everything is about being soul-deep happy. It’s not all perfect, but it’s working for me. And this book is one of the results.


Mellie Smithson has a plan…
Mellie Smithson is trapped in the country with no suitors and no prospects on the horizon except, perhaps, the exasperating—although admittedly handsome—guest of her father. Unwilling to settle, Mellie will do anything to escape to London... 
Trevor Anaedsley has a problem…
Trevor Anaedsley’s grandfather has cut off his funds until he gets engaged. Beset by creditors, Trevor escapes to the country—ostensibly to visit his old tutor Mr. Smithson—where he meets Smithson’s lovely daughter Mellie. The obvious solution is suddenly before him—but will this fake engagement go as Trevor and Mellie plan? 

Or will they find that even the best laid plans often go awry?  EXCERPT

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USA Today bestselling author Jade Lee has been scripting love stories since she first picked up a set of paper dolls. Ball gowns and rakish lords caught her attention early (thank you, Georgette Heyer), and her fascination with the Regency began. An author of more than thirty romance novels and winner of dozens of industry awards, Lee lives in Champaign, Illinois.