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HARD ROCK: Sedrick Lionheart Interview


It’s my pleasure to have Olivia Cunning and lead sinner himself, Sed Lionheart, as guests. For those of you who have been on another planet the past few years, Sed is the lead vocalist for Sinners and has been nice enough to stop in to chat with us.

My impression of Sed: Tough, Charismatic and definitely sexy. His eyes are gorgeous as is his smile. Not a man to go unnoticed in a crowd. I can see where he could irritate people because he has a take-charge personality, strong opinions, and not particularly tactful. Sed is very intense, focused, and has little patience with stupid and foolish. For such a large man, 6’4, he moves with the grace of a lion and you have no doubt he’s used to being in charge. When he speaks of his love, Sinners, he’s very professional and proud of the band and it’s members. He’s a very protective person with those he cares about which implies a loving heart under his swagger. Myrna once said of him, “I know he pretends to be tough and all Don Juan Casanova, but he has the most delicate heart I’ve ever seen in a man.”

Sed, welcome to Over Coffee. Sinners are an awesome group and I can tell you’re very proud of both the success of Sinners and it’s members. Sort of like having a family, isn’t it?

Thanks, Sia. Glad to be here. The guys are like brothers to me. Which means most days they’re a pain in my ass.

You were not part of the band originally. How did you meet up with Brian, Trey and Eric?

Everyone always asks me this question. I went to a bar with a fake ID. It was the kind of bar that didn’t really care if you had the ID or not, they just wanted to be able to take the blame off themselves if the cops ever showed up. Anyway, some punk kids, and I do mean punk, Trey’s hair was vivid orange (not his color) and Brian had this three foot high mohawk, I kid you not, were playing. The two of them were amazing together. You’ve heard them play guitar together?

Yes and I agree, they are incredible musicians. They play off each other’s music and revamp it to a better piece.

It’s like they’re two parts of a whole. It’s always been that way between them. Anyway, I just stood there in awe and knew I had to become of part of what they had. I didn’t have anything to offer them but my voice, which at that point in time wasn’t that great.

But didn’t they already have a lead vocalist?

If you want to call him that. Eric Anderson, who now goes by Eric Sticks, was their singer at the time. The guy is still tall and lanky, but as a teenager he was a twig with giant feet. He could sing okay and is a decent bass player, but he had the stage presence of a comatose DMV employee.

A comatose DMV employee? Oh my God, I hope you didn’t tell him that.

Nah, I’m not that crass. I just told him he needed a new goal in life. The guy wasn’t meant to be a front man. He was meant to be a drummer. He has this incredible talent with percussion... He doesn’t just play rhythm. He makes music and melody by banging on stuff. There aren’t many drummers who do that. I know he thinks he got “stuck” playing drums, but he has a gift with them. It would be a tragedy if he gave them up.

Wow. You’re very proud of him. I hope he realizes that.

I digress. Anyway, by a stroke of luck (or temporary good sense), the guys agreed that I could become their singer. Eric switched to the drums permanently and we picked up a new bassist.

Brian mentioned you pretty much took over the band? Pretty highhanded of you, even though the band is quite famous now.

Hey, they could have refused. Or walked away. No one threatened to break their fingers.

Any hard feelings over that move? If so, how did you handle it?

Eric mopes about it sometimes, but it’s Eric. A few shots of tequila and he’s over it.

Lol! If you had to pick a band on today’s scene you respect for their songwriting or music ability, who would it be and why?

Any band that can make a living doing this has my complete respect. Hell, even if they can’t make a living at it, they deserve respect. Connecting with enough fans to turn a profit is a total crapshoot. We all do this out of love for music. That’s what’s important.

You had to cancel some of your tour due to Trey’s injury. He’s a real favorite of mine. How’s he doing these days? When will we see him back on stage?

I can’t speak for him. Last I checked he was getting some rest and relaxation by his parents’ pool.

You have quite a reputation for the ladies, Sed, and more fangirls than Las Vegas has lights. How do you handle that? And what’s this about your shirt. I’ll admit, one the guys mentioned I should ask you that.

Fangirls are easy to deal with. You tell them what to do. They do it. Unfortunately, they think my shirt is fair game. I lose about a shirt a week. Saves on laundry, I guess. I used to wear chains, but it frickin’ hurts when someone gets a hand wrapped around one of them. I’d rather them rip off my shirt if they insist on a souvenir.

You’ve been seen a lot in the company of Jessica Chase, especially in Las Vegas. Are you two back together?

Yes. She’s mine.

Well. That certainly sounds possessive of a known ladies man. Kind of risky considering it’s reported she broke your heart when she left you before. In fact Brian Sinclair doesn’t think you’re over her and he doesn’t understand what you see in her given she walked out on you. Seems like your fan girls agree.

Do I care what Brian or anyone else thinks about any of my relationships? No.

Is it true Jessica is working with Myrna Sinclair and touring with you guys too? How are you and the guys dealing with that?

Jessica needed a job. Myrna hired her. Without consulting anyone. Myrna will be finishing up her study this summer, so all the estrogen on the bus is just a temporary situation. We’re off tour right now, but when we get on the road, the bus is sure to be crowded. The partying will probably all but come to a standstill. I’m okay with that, but I’m sure that will make Trey cranky.

Moving on. Sed, I understand you have two younger sisters. I‘ve seen pictures of your sisters. They’re beautiful women. I’m sure they know all the guys in the band; I’m surprised they haven’t dated one of them, like Eric.

If any member of my band went anywhere near my baby sisters, they’d pay. The guys are not allowed to look at them, or talk to them, and especially not touch them. That goes double for Eric.

Lol! Sounds like a typical big brother.
I know you’ve always had an interest in music and I understand you played the violin in school. You have my curiosity piqued; did you play it as a fiddle as well as in a more traditional mode?

I played violin in a strictly classical sense. Mary Had A Little Lamb is classical, right? I’m no Charlie Daniels, that’s for sure. There’s no chance of me ever winning a golden fiddle from Satan... or even a third grader.

Are you planning on using the violin in any Sinners songs? Like Korn does with bagpipes and Skillet does with violins? Yellowcard does a fabulous job of incorporating violin in Breathing.

Uh, no. Why would I ever use a violin? Not Sinners style. Plus, my playing is a little rusty, to say the least.

Hmmm. Just curious, Sed. I want to thank you for stopping by. Before you go, I happen to have a T shirt with me. Has your Sinner’s logo on it which I got off the website.  Would you mind signing it for me?

No problem, babe. Anything for a fan.

Sed and Olivia will be checking back in around 3:30 this afternoon with a few of the other Sinners checking in too. Since they're not on tour presently, they'll also be around Saturday. If you have a question post it and one of them will get back to you.


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