Monday, June 30, 2014


For those of you who may not have caught my announcement last week, I'm taking off July and August for some much needed down time. During that time there will be no guest posts just Monday Musings. I will resume my normal schedule in September.

I have several projects planned for the summer. I'm including both work projects and fun--which I need.

Work in progress:

My shoulder is doing well. In fact the doctor said I'm well ahead of the game plan considering how seriously I was injured. He's impressed, especially considering I fired my physical therapy group and have been doing this on my own. Not without a great deal of research and putting past training into play. He projected I'd probably only regain 90% usage at best and that was being optimistic, although I didn't know that at the time. In reality, he thought it would be more like 80% tops in the course of a year (given the damage to the muscle, socket, and that I'm missing part of a bone). I'm already solidly in that range and moving upwards 3 months after surgery. Hey, I'm a determined person and I've beaten the odds in several situations where I was given less than stellar odds. A lot has to do with a person's attitude and dedication. Now he's thinking I'll regain closer to 95%. That last 5% will take close to a year to reach. I can work with that. 

My husband finished up doing the initial cut for the rest of my walking track. He added a few extra trails I didn't know about. Next is taking the riding mower over them. They're pretty cool trails. I've also gotten some weights to work my shoulder and get the damaged muscle fluid and strong. The weights will be great for toning up the arms and shoulders.  

I'm catching up on books in my TBR pile and enjoying the down time. Read lots of good stories and found a couple of new to me authors that remind me why I like romance. Their stories are good and the characters are normal everyday people or families.  I like the region or town they've set the series in. I like the focus on falling in love and the character's issues and goals and while there is sex--it is a natural progression when you fall in love--it's not pages and pages of details. I don't know about anyone else but details do nothing for me. Honestly, I've found myself sighing and skipping through the sex scenes. I don't need a manual and so many books have that feel. These stories focus on the main characters and the sex involved is secondary to the central story. It's the icing and it comes at the right time. It fits. I don't know about you, but I'm getting tired of stories that use explicit sex as a short cut. 

I've also been focusing on my own writing again.  I've done a lot of experimental writing over the past few years--trying different genres and ways of telling a story. I've been sorting through them with a critical eye. Some are actually good. Some will remain an experiment, lesson learned and move on. :-)

  • What's on your summer agenda? 


For those who love to read and win books and such there is a good blog hop coming up in July.

This one is hosted by Herding Cats & Burning Soup. Going to be a lot of give aways. Don't you just love that picture? I do. If you want to participate you can sign up here. Each blog will feature their favorite reads and will be giving away books and other summer things and there is also a grand prize giveaway. Further details are here.