Monday, November 24, 2014


Turkey and trimmings
Heart of our family
And Pumpkin pie
Nip of wood smoke in the air
Keeping the traditions    
Smiling faces, hugs and love
Grandma’s house
In the kitchen preparations
Viewing the happy circle around the Table
Invoking memories of those gone but never forgotten
New generation of little ones added
Giving heartfelt thanks for the riches in my life—my family and friends

Giving thanks has always been a time of reflection. Taking stock of the good in my life.  It has never been about money or pricey accouterments. It isn't relegated to one day in the year but it's practiced throughout the year and especially when things seem bad.  That's the time I really look for the positives. Negatives are always easy to find and if I look at only negatives it will rob me of inner peace and contentment. So I refocus my heart and simplify my eye to see the things that really matter.

For me, Thanksgiving is so much more than a feast upon the table. It's a reality check.

I realize I have all the important things like my faith, family and good friends, a job that provides food and place to live, and while I may creak and hurt sometimes I am alive and breathing.

Heartfelt thanksgiving is celebrating the simple things and finding contentment in those riches. Contentment breeds quiet joy. 

May you find the quiet joy.