Monday, July 15, 2013

MONDAY MUSINGS--Sweating The Mañana List

I'm mostly on  vacation this month. You may have noticed I haven't visited as much or even posted. The truth is I've barely been on the computer or online. I will be getting back to all that but July will be hit and miss.

I'd love to tell you it was for writing but, no. It's a working vacation. 

We've had projects pending around the ranch for sometime and July has been earmarked as the month to get them done. I've been working outside daily since the first of July. I don't mind telling you I'm sore and tired. But, it feels good to see progress made. Things need repairing and there are areas that have been in dire need of cutting and clearing, fences worked on, and accumulated clutter sorted and gone. 

A lot of stuff has accumulated over the past 3 years and with my being so very ill and and unable to do much of anything but hobble from bed to the recliner, the doctor, or brief times at the computer. Hubs works full time. Then last year, when I was in remission, and feeling much better, I went to work so we could knock out bills from that time. So these things got moved to the Mañana list (as in En el día del mañana or sometime in the future). 

So July is devoted to clearing as much of the Mañana list as possible. After the tornado the down trees were cut and loaded on trucks and sent to the mill. The remaining brush piles of unwanted limbs, fence posts, and old wood and roofing of the barns and sheds were piled in various areas around the property. They're out of the way but need to be disposed of.

We (that would be hubs since he's working only 4 days a week until October, kid, and I) have made a lot of progress on the immediate yard as well. It actually looks good again. The jungle in the Dane's pens (and these aren't little pens, they're 200' wide and 300' long) have been cleared and it almost looks pretty and that was last week's project. Still need to go over all the pens with the weed-eater. There is still several boundary areas of the yard that need brush cleared around fences and some of the trees--I have a miniature forest growing under several oak trees. That's this weeks project. 

Even though July has remained relatively cool, compared to last year, that sun is still hot. So this child is up very early in the morning and outside until about lunch and then back out about 4-ish. Still hot and sweaty work and the AC is godsend on these days when I'm done.  I slither into a wobbly pile of goo and rest. I am pacing myself and taking lots of small breaks and drinking tons of water. I've resorted to wearing a name tag because I'm usually too tired to recall my name or the day. I have mush brain. Ice packs and muscle ointments and I are really, really good friends. By 8 p.m. I'm usually crawling into bed.

I'll be back to normal blogging, erm, mañana.