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It’s my pleasure to have romance author, Patricia Rice. I fell in love with her writing when I read Cheyenne’s Lady and Lord Rogue. I still have a copy of Moonlight and Memories and have read it several times. I have quite a few of her books in my personal library.

Any who have followed Pat’s writing career will tell you it’s impressive, her books seem to get better and better whether historical, contemporary, or with a touch of paranormal. Always, Patricia feeds my need of hot strong heroes, feisty heroines, all set in a good solid storyline and romance. Lots of romance, contented sigh…But, Patricia does have one small, um, problem. But I'll let her tell you about that. 

From one Missouri writer to another, hi Sia! And to your readersHello, I'm Patricia Rice, and I'm a romance addict.

Really, I've been hooked on love stories since I read PRIDE AND PREJUDICE in fourth grade. I enjoyed the mysteries of Nancy Drew and Agatha Christie, but I also read them for the boyfriends, the romances, and the mysterious lovers. No one introduced me to Harlequins, so I had to hunt love where I could find it:  in Zane Grey (where the wretched hero always rode off with his horse!) or the Brontes. No author was ever as satisfactory as Austen, but an addiction is an addiction. You feed it where you can.

Not until I was in my twenties did I discover Kathleen Woodiwiss and Patricia Veryan and truly got sucked into real romance novels. They were my mind candy as I completed my accounting degree, took CPA exams, worked what jobs I could find, and raised two kids while my husband was overseas or in school. And then he took a job in a rural area where I had no transportation and no job and no bookstores. I quickly read everything in the library, and I was left with no love stories (and no money!) with two young kids and a craving for adult conversation.

Instead of whining, I took action—I wrote my own books. I’d been reading history since high school history courses had left me unsatisfied and needing more. I had an entire library at my disposal and knew how to use it. This was pre-internet, so I learned inter-library loan. And I started out by writing what I knew, which was Western KY, the area I was living in. That made researching setting much easier.

Back then; I had no way of knowing about Romance Writers of America. I knew no authors. I ran across Writer’s Digest magazines and pored over those. I found lists of agents and began sending them my crazy stories. I copied the names of publishers from the front of books and sent blind proposals across the portal of anyone publishing romance. And once I finished one book, I began another, and started another round of proposals. Did I mention I’m also arrogant and stubborn? I learned a method I still employ today—I draft one book while editing another and sending out a third. Mass production! 

But it all ultimately worked out and by now, I have over fifty published romances under my belt, with no intention of stopping any time soon.  Yes, the market reeks and bookstores are collapsing like old toadstools. Bestseller lists are meaningless and Kindles are taking over the world. But I’m still stubborn, still arrogant, and still writing.

Sia said she’s adding a link to an excerpt of my new book, THE LURE OF SONG AND MAGIC. If you’ve not read me before, I hope you enjoy this sample of my two conflicted lovers. And if you’ve read my MAGIC series (Sourcebooks will be reissuing all of them), you’ll know what I mean when I say the couple in LURE are descendants of the magical Malcolms and logical Ives. I hope to spend many more pleasant days feeding my romance addiction and hope you will, too!

·       How long have you been reading romance? Is it your favorite genre? If not, what is?

·       And is there a particular reason you enjoy reading love stories?

A couple of commenters will win free books, so have fun!

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Her voice was a curse… 
When Dylan “Oz” Oswin’s son is kidnapped, the high-powered producer will do anything to get him back. Desperately following an anonymous tip, he seeks help from a former child singing sensation called Syrene, only to find she’s vowed never to sing again. Immune to her voice but not her charm, Oz is convinced she holds the key to his son’s disappearance—and he’ll stop at nothing to make her break her vow.

Only he can make her sing… 
She knows the devastation her talent can bring. There’s more than a child’s life at stake, but Syrene cannot unleash her dangerous siren’s voice upon the world, even for a man who is impossible to deny…Excerpt

With five million books in print and New York Times and USA Today’s bestseller lists under her belt, Patricia Rice’s emotionally-charged contemporary and historical romances have won RT Book Reviews Reviewers Choice and Career Achievement Awards and have been honored as Romance Writers of America RITA finalists in the historical, regency and contemporary categories. 

A former CPA, Patricia Rice currently resides in St. Louis, Missouri. For more information, please visit or follow her on Twitter, @Patricia_Rice


Jo said...

I guess I have been reading romance off and all my life, but these days my favourite genre is actually fantasy or spec fic as it is called these days. This includes sci fi which is another of my faves. I have been reading a lot more romance lately though.

Hey Sia, hope you have decaf handy.

~Sia McKye~ said...

You want me to ruin a perfectly good cup of rich and yummy espresso by making it decaf? Sheesh.

*grumbles as I walk off to fix a pot of non-expresso decaf.

Did you want milk or cream?

~Sia McKye~ said...

Welcome to Over Coffee Pat. Great to have you visit.

Like Jo, I'm rather eclectic in my reading, love a good thriller, Sci-fi, or adventure. My first love is a good romance and I love having all the subgenres of romance to choose from. Something for every mood. :-)


A wonderful post and a good insight on the author,


Patricia Rice said...

Thanks for having me here, Sia. It's 6:30 AM and I could use a cup of the fully leaded, please.

I hear you about fantasy, etc. LURE is how I combine my need for fantasy elements with romance, as are the Magic and Mystic series. And I'll actually have an urban fantasy out in August under a pseudonym, since the only love interest in that book has died and gone to hell. "g" One must satisfy all fantasies somehow!

~Sia McKye~ said...

Pat, full octane is all I have at my house. I will admit to a love affair with coffee, lol!

Sounds like you have fun with your writing and I like how you try different things. I think it keeps our writing fresh.

Patricia Rice said...

Playing the field is creative fun but not exactly a career move for a stable relationship with readers!

Beth said...

Pat, I like the way you work, with three stories in some stage of production at the same time. Sounds like you get a lot done and keep yourself from getting bored. Here's to productive busyness.

Dana Fredsti said...

Sia, full on octane with cream and sugar, please!

Pat, I am in awe of your "three in the works" method of mass production! Dang!

I always enjoy ANY genre more if there's a romantic subplot involved... very fond of the mixed genres as well as the full on romance novels.

Kat Sheridan said...

I envy anyone who can juggle three of ANYTHING at a time, but especia;lly books! I'm a romance junkie from way back--like you, I read Nancy Drew as much for the romance as for the mystery! No matter what genre I read these days, if it doesn't have at least a bit of a romance sub-plot, I'm just not happy. Good luck with all your work!

Patricia Rice said...

My last comment seems to have disappeared into the ether or my laptop, I apologize if I repeat myself. Thank you for the compliments on my insanity, I think! Multi- tasking has become a way of life. I'm just not convinced that it's efficient!

Okay, google is sending me ads instead of pubbing the comment. one more time...

Unknown said...

Wow, what a writer. Busy, busy, busy. I don't read much romance but the cover guy is hot!

VA said...

I love romance. It was my second genre after fantasy--Anne McCaffrey's Pern books--and I still love it. the optimism that good things will happen and that happiness is a state of mind we can all find. I love how the characters come to accept each other and their feelings about it.

Love is a rollercoaster--up and down, crazy turns, but in the end you slide along together through it all.

Isis Rushdan said...

Sia, thanks for introducing us to another great writer.

Pat, you are so productive. I try to have two stories working at one time. Nice blurb and enjoyable excerpt.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have fun, Patricia. I'm always in awe of those who can come up with so many different stories.

~Sia McKye~ said...

I'm afraid I can't wrap myself around three stories at once--even in different stages, but two, that's more workable.

Vivian, I absolutely love Anne McCaffrey. I've read the pern series so many times it's dog eared, lol! But like you and Kat, I love a story with an element of romance in it. Doesn't matter whether its a thriller, sci-fi,fantasy or whatever. I find some of the most memorable movies also have an element of romance.

~Sia McKye~ said...

Isis! Hugs! I'm so glad to see you back online. I've missed you. Hope stateside living is settling down for you.

Other Lisa said...

Great interview! Pat, I love this idea of three books at a time -- I hope I can someday achieve it!

Ciara said...

Once I catch up on my read/review pile I'll purchase one of your books, so don't enter me in the contest. This year I'll have my first five novels published, possibly six. The industry is crazy, but like you, I'm too stubborn to quit. Congratulations on 50 novels. Wow!

Tonya Kappes said...

Waving from Northern Ky! I've read romance, ore what I thought was romance most of my life. As I got older, I realized the romance I loved was really women's fiction. I like a tad bit of romance, but the bond with friends and the relationships with people is what I like to read about. But a good love story always puts a smile on my heart.

Arlee Bird said...

Great story, Patricia. The persistence of researching the publishing business and submitting your books is an inspiring story. With your current catalog it appears you did things right. Congratulations.
Sia, you made a good guest choice.

Wrote By Rote
Twitter: @AprilA2Z

Nancy said...

Hi, Pat and Sia--I loved this book! I can't wait for more about these people.

I apologize if this is a duplicate at some point. I tried to comment yesterday, but it looks like it didn't come through.

Golden Eagle said...

Science Fiction is my favorite genre; but in any genre, a little romance can always help to add another level to the story. More conflict, and more reason to root for the characters (or not, depending on who it is!). :)