Friday, March 25, 2011


My blogger had to reschedule his blogging date so I decided to give you a treat by posting my review of Rock Hard, by Olivia Cunning. I loved this story!

I will be interviewing Sed Lionheart on April 1stno foolingand I'm expecting several of the Sinners to pop in as well. Sure to be a treat not to be missed. Be sure to mark your calendars and let everyone know. It's sure to be a fun time with all the ribbing from the rest of the band and groupies too.

Rock Hard

Book two of Sinners On Tour
Olivia Cunning
431 Pages
Release Date: April 1, 2011

Sinner’s lead singer, Sed, had his heart shredded when Jessica left him to pursue her dreams, so when she dances her way back into his life, he's not sure he's ready for her brand of pain, or pleasure, again. When she convinces Sed to engage in a benefits with benefits relationship, things seem to be going his way, until one of his fans catches their explicit public display of affection on film and posts it all over the internet. Will Jessica ever trust Sed again? And has Sed become the man of Jessica’s dreams or is he just posing to get what he wants?  Excerpts You can read chapter one and two.

My thoughts:

Love, Sex, and Rock and Roll. Any one of those items would make a good theme for an interesting story—or a very good one, as Olivia Cunning, demonstrated with her debut, Backstage Pass. But could she do it again? Ah the sixty-four dollar question and not always an easy thing with a second novel.

My answer? She has produced another winner. Rock Hard is not only an excellent read but also, in my opinion, it surpasses her debut novel both in writing depth and entertainment.

Why would I say that? Olivia has taken an arrogant and highhanded character that pretty much everyone wanted to dislike and shows Sed Lionheart as a sexy, loveable hero. Oh, he hasn’t lost his arrogance or dominating personality, but Olivia gives us insight into what makes him tick. His inner vulnerabilities and strengths, and shows us through his actions that he cares deeply for his Sinner family members. We clearly see his motivations for his highhanded ways.

“Isn’t it dangerous to drill a hole in someone’s head?” Sed asked.

“If they don’t, I’ll die.” Trey covered his eyes with one hand. His throat convulsed as he swallowed.

“You’re not going to die, Trey,” Brian said. “If you do, I’ll kill you.”

Trey chuckled. Sed realized he was probably making Trey feel worse, but he didn’t want to leave. He needed to see Trey moving, breathing, joking around. That way he could convince himself that Trey would be okay and that helpless feeling in Sed’s gut would ease…

“What can I do for you, Trey, Sed asked? “Anything. I’ll do anything.”


Sed tried, but it made his chest constrict in agony.

Sed’s greatest weakness is Jessica, his feisty, very independent ex-fiancĂ©e. Jessica is a third year law student; smart, sexy, and gorgeous. She isn’t one to let anyone, much less Sed, control her and when he tried she walked.

Sed’s determined to make her fall in love with him again. Whatever it takes. If she needs hot sex to convince her he’ll give her the fires of hell in their sex.

“He’d always loved her. He’d never stopped loving her…he wouldn’t survive if he had to watch her walk away from him again.”

The dynamics between these two independent and stubborn characters makes for an exhilarating ride to happy ever after.

The sex between these two is on the yowza! I need a cold shower stat, scale. Inventive and hot, but never stuck in the story unnecessarily for the sake of having a sex scene. Just as Brian and Myrna Sinclair have a rich and satisfying sex life, which fits within their needs and fantasies, so do Sed and Jessica. And what better place to explore fantasies than Sin City—Las Vegas.

This is a full, well rounded romance, strong on story, yowza sex, two strong minded people who have to learn giving up control doesn’t mean losing, but winning the best reward of all—love, hard rock style.

Ms. Cunning gives us another dazzling story of Sinners, love, sex, and rock and roll!

5 stars


Cheryl Brooks said...

I totally agree with the five stars! A great, hot read!

Judi Fennell said...

can't wait to get my fingers on this one!!! (and, no, I don't mean, Sed, though now that I think about it...)

Kat Sheridan said...

I confess. I've been a Sed's Slut since I first heard about him. Can't wait to read this book! And it's set in Sin City? The city God made just for me?? YAY!!! Great review, Sia, and I'm really looking forward to this one (and all the rest of the band members as well!)

VA said...

Yummy! I can't wait for my serving of delicious Sinners.

Anonymous said...

"Thanks Sia, I read your review and totally agree, It is very deserving of 5 stars. Thanks for sharing this with me"

Melissa Schildmeier

aries18 said...

I can't wait to read about Sexy Sed! The Sinners really do rock as does their author, Olivia!

This is a great series, so hot it scorches your fingers!

Congrats girl!

Other Lisa said...

Ah, something to follow BACKSTAGE PASS (which I have sitting at the top of my TBR pile)!

Thanks for the review, Sia!

readwriteandedit said...

Sia, what an awesome review. I'm gonna pick up this one from the store--and make sure everyone there knows it's good.

~Sia McKye~ said...

Yes ma'am, Beth. You do that. Don't forget to face those books out at eye level too, lolol!

Lisa, Olivia writes erotic romance but the story is so good and her word choices make it even better. She's excellent at creating believable and distinctive characters. They all present as if very real people. I like that about her writing.

Her books are a joy to read.