Monday, November 29, 2010

Holiday Happiness

My guest is Blaze romance author,Tawny Weber.

I had a chance to read about the Cole sisters in It Must Have Been the Mistletoe...: When She Was Naughty...\Cole for Christmas\A Babe in Toyland (by Kate Hoffmann, Rhonda Nelson, Tawny Weber.)  I love how each author presented the three sisters from a well-known musical family and each with different views of being part of such a family and each with different goals in life. They each meet up with a great Christmas gift and not all the men were bad boys but all were sexy as hell, from the Appalachian doctor (gotta love that rug), hot guy with the band (love how he plays scrabble), to the wicked Tyler who absolutely will not allow himself to fall for one of those Cole sisters, aka sexy TROUBLE.

Tawny’s story is Babe In Toyland. Rita Mae feels like a bit of an oddity in her family and is searching for her niche in life. She also has a social network I envy. She’s always had a bit of a thing for Tyler Ramsey but there was that situation with her sister…so scratch following up on that attraction. Coincidently, Tyler had the same issue with his brother and one of the Cole sisters. When the two come together it’s fun to watch how they try to stay loyal to family ties and sort through the preconceived notions and look for reasons to indulge in some hot sex.

I’ve read all of Tawny’s books. I look forward to each one because I’m always guaranteed a fun and satisfying read. Her characters are well crafted, smart, and sexy, her world is everyday situations with a zing.

A Tawny Weber book is filled with delicious flirtation and sexy fun and lots of laughter. And just as with good chocolate, resistance is futile.

Woot –we’re kicking off the holiday season. I’ll admit it, I’m a total sap for the this time of year. I love the decorations, the food (oh baby, the cookies and homemade candy!), the good will and the music. I’m a sucker for the feel-good movies, shaking prettily wrapped boxes and guessing what stuffed animal my little girl got me this year.

I have several holiday traditions I love to visit every year. One is baking. I’m an avid winter baker (I hate baking in the summer, btw). Because I love baking so much, the holidays are the perfect time because I can give away all those goodies instead of eating them myself *g*

I love making special holiday crafts, too. Some years I go all out and make ornaments, others a wreath or something pretty. This year I’m knitting snowmen (yes they look dorky and as I live in Northern California where we don’t get snow, they are oddly inappropriate. But darn it, they are cute!)

Another tradition I love is reading holiday books. There’s so much fun in adding to the joy of the season with a sprinkling of romance, isn’t there? I love it! So it was such a major thrill when I was invited to write a novella for the Harlequin Blaze Christmas anthology. Ironically, I wrote A BABE IN TOYLAND in the spring, listening to holiday tunes and burning an evergreen scented candle. Hopefully, though, I still captured that holiday joy that I love so much!

  • How about you? What are some of the holiday traditions you love? Do you curl up with holiday romances during the season?
It Must Have Been The Mistletoe 
The weather outside might be frightful—but the Cole sisters are indulging in something quite delightful...They're going to have a hot, hot Christmas...

Rita Mae Cole and Tyler Ramsey hail from feuding families. Be together? Impossible. But the incredible sex between them says otherwise…

“Dear Santa,
Thanks for the best present EVER!! I’ve crushed on Tyler Ramsey for so long and now he’s all mine for the drive home. If I promise to be really good, can I keep him a little longer?”

~~Rita Mae Cole Excerpt


Tawny Weber is usually found dreaming up stories in her California home, surrounded by dogs, cats and kids. When she’s not writing hot, spicy stories for Harlequin Blaze, she’s shopping for the perfect pair of boots or drooling over Johnny Depp pictures (when her husband isn’t looking, of course). In December 2010, her ninth Blaze, A BABE IN TOYLAND hits the bookshelves.

Come by and visit her on the web at:


~Sia McKye~ said...

Tawny, welcome back to OVER COFFEE. It's always a pleasure to have you visit.

Plenty of coffee and goodies and by now you know where they all are, so help yourself.

As a reader, may I say thank you for all the hours of pleasure your books have given me. I appreciate your hard work to bring me such fun stories. Btw, I'm REALLY looking forward to the book coming out in February!

Tawny said...

Thanks so much, Sia :-) For the lovely review, the awesome comments and for the fabulous welcome. I always love visiting you!

I'll start the morning with hot tea and a cranberry scone, if you please. I'm a big fan of clotted cream, too. Gotta keep it decadent, right?

As a writer, I'd like to say that you're why I write. To hear that my books make you smile, that they touch you in some way, that's such an empowering and magical thing! So thank you for making my day :-)

And oh wow, I'm have to admit, I cannot wait to get my own hands on a copy of BREAKING THE RULES. I usually get my author copies about 6 weeks ahead of the release, so maybe a couple more weeks before I'm holding that baby in my hand. I had a great time writing the story, but most of all I'm in serious lust with my cover LOL. It's hands down my favorite book to date - both in content and in the cover!

Jenyfer Matthews said...

I don't need to wait for the holidays to enjoy curling up with a good book :)

I always *plan* to do loads of baking at the holidays but it doesn't always turn out that way! I do usually make a couple batches of cookies, more if I can find the time. This year I'm hoping to make some salt dough ornaments with the children and let them paint them.

Otherwise? Hubby and I enjoy opening our presents to each other on Christmas Eve after the children have gone to bed!

Jo said...

Baking is not for me, I have enough trouble not eating cookies etc. as it is. Hubby couldn't care less about cookies. I read constantly so a good book is always welcome. My main holiday tradition is a late breakfast of really good cold ham and English mustard accompanied by a champagne cocktail or two.

~Sia McKye~ said...

Hey Jen! If we get any snow, I'll try to send it your way, but it will probably melt in Egypt, oh well. I love making salt window ornaments and not always just for Christmas.

As for reading, it'a a pleasure I indulge in regularly--except for Nano this month has cut into reading big time. I've been writing so much I've only managed 3 books.

~Sia McKye~ said...

Jo, while I love to bake, I don't always have the time to do so. I did much more in years past.

With a growing teen, I usually bake a couple of things a week.

Like your breakfast tradition. I also love all the recipes you share on your blog.

Mason Canyon said...

Twany, I love the idea of you knitting snowmen in California. For some reason around the holidays I do find that I'm looking more for a feel-good book with a hint of the holidays than the usual murder mysteries I read. Your book sounds like it would fit the bill perfect.

Sia, you've introduced me to another wonderful 'new to me' author. Thanks.

Thoughts in Progress

Christine Ashworth said...

Tawny, the book sounds fantastic! I've gotta put you on auto-buy on Amazon...also looking forward to February's release!

I don't knit, but I do bake cookies. May even do the cut out christmas cookies this year - it's been a long time since I've done those...

Hugs, hon!

Kat Sheridan said...

Christmas cookies! Christmas cookies! Oh, wait, I got distracted. I do love all the sparkly, glittery, twinkly bits associated with the holiday! And a cozy fire and a fun book! This one sounds like just the ticket (even if it IS 83 degrees where I live and my fire is in the barbeque grill!)

Beth said...

Hey, Sia! Hi, Tawny! A Babe In Toyland is such a fantastic read and a perfect way to kick off the holiday season *g*

I'm all about holiday traditions. Baking, making candy, cooking lavish meals, forcing my kids to spend time with us...I can't wait :-)

Tawny said...

Hi Everyone :-) Good afternoon - I'm sorry to scone nosh and run but it's a school day so my daughter was taking up my morning ;-)

Jennifer, I hear you on the joys of year-round reading :-) Ooooh, how fun on the salt-dough ornaments. I haven't made those in years. I don't think I've ever made them with my kids. You've given me a new idea :-) I love that you and your hubby have holiday time together, just the two of you. That is so romantic!

Tawny said...

Ooooh, Jo. I love the sound of your breakfast - especially the champagne cocktail!

We don't do a ton of baking through the year, mostly because I can't seem to learn to bake in small batches, and we end up with way too much. But this time of year, I can give it all away, which makes me happy :-) I've got the makings for cranberry bread and pecan caramels on my countertop right now - my afternoon is going to be fun LOL

Tawny said...

Sia, how'd you do with NANO? I've never managed to complete one. I just don't do the heads down and write thing very well :-(

Tawny said...

Thank you, Mason :-) I appreciate that!

I have to admit, I do love all things snowmen. But I feel silly decorating with them when it never snows where I'm at. Joy joy, a friend collects snowmen so this is the perfect holiday treat for both of us - me to make, her to keep :-D

Tawny said...

Hi Christine :-D Thank you so much!

I love cutout cookies. They are so time intensive, but so pretty, aren't they? I hope you have a wonderful time making some -and that you have a fabulous holiday!!! hugs.

Tawny said...

ROFL Kat :-) YAY - lets celebrate Christmas cookies. And glitter. Even better, glittery cookies - oh yum! The best of all worlds

WOW on the warm weather. I'm having weather envy *g* I can see that my snowmen would be even more inappropriate at YOUR house than at mine. We're way down in the 50s today.

Tawny said...

Beth!!! Big squishy hugs :-) And thank you for the Babe love... I know you're completely unbiased (hahaaha - Beth is my CP, for those who don't know, and she has to read everything I write few hundred times, poor sweetie).

I think the forcing the kids to spend time with us is the BEST part of the holiday. When I outlined my holiday hopes - driving around to see the lights, a play or ballet and ice skating in the park, my daughters both gave the identical 'lets humor mom' looks and said it sounded great. But did they have to go, too? Ha.

Tawny said...

Ack, I just realized I spelled Jenyfer's name wrong. So so sorry about that!!

VA said...

Cookies and decorating and more...COOKIES! We make dozens and then make trays for friends and neighbors, plus the ever present plate out when ever anyone stops by. Cookies 24/7 at this house.

My daughter is making her list of things to do for the holidays. Thus far we've checked off the mistletoe. I've got to figure out the roasting chestnuts on an open fire. Not an oven, and I can't use fake logs in the fireplace and then eat them, so either I get "real" wood or she roasts them over the fire pit outside. She'll be adding to it I'm sure.

Probably try and kill myself skiing again this year. Oh, some ice skating. Yes, this is southern California, but somewhere there's an outdoor rink calling our name.

Great excerpt, Tawny. Sounds yummy. Wishing my husband wasn't on travel right now 'cause I could do with one of those kisses ;)

~Sia McKye~ said...

Tawny, lost internet for a while today. No clue why.

Nano? I'm pleased with what I've done--32k. But I approach it differently. I have story I've wanted to write for a couple of years so I used Nano to get it started. I've a ways to go to reach 90k. But the words are good ones--oh it will need editing, but everything was put in to move the story forward and not a race to slap down anything. That's wasted energy, IMO.

Tawny said...

Oh fun, VA - I love the idea of roasting chestnuts. LOL on finding the snow and ice to play on in CA. There is more than people expect, though, isn't there :-) or maybe most of it's up this way?

I love doing the trays of goodies for neighbors. We're in a new neighborhood this year and I think it's a great way to say Happy Holidays and get to know people.

~Sia McKye~ said...

hey Beth! Won't be too much lavish cooking in my house this year but we are going to go drive and look at the lights. I LOVE light displays. We're supposed to have a Christmas Carol train, or so I heard, this year. They used to have them when I first moved to Missouri. The train makes a stop at each depot and sings and moves on. It's decorated and can be seen coming a mile away.

I'm envious, you've already read Tawny's Feb release. sigh. I'll be glad to see it com winging in from Amazon.