Wednesday, October 17, 2012



Did I Notice Your Book, Blogfest

Here I was, wandering around a quaint New England town looking for breakfast and a good cup of coffee (which is always a must for me), when I heard the voice of one of my favorite tenors singing NessunDorma. My ears fell in love with a place that unapologetically plays such music, my lips smiled as I heard a man singing bits of it as he worked. I breathed in the wonderful smells emanating from the diner. Yep, this is the place to stop for breakfast.

I hovered near the door listening to the murmur of voices, clink of tableware, and laughter from the good-natured insults, in Italian, and closed my eyes. It was just like coming home. I reached for the door and almost grabbed the police officer coming out with a bag and a tall coffee. Wow! Not a bad handle to grab. I heard voice in the background call him Petie.

As Petie ushered me through the door he assured me Uncle Sally did indeed have the best food in town. Who would know best than the town’s finest, right (and he truly was fine)?

This is not only the best town to visit but you’ll love the Gennovase family.

Robyn Rand

When Genna goes home to Rhode Island to spend a long-awaited vacation, she finds that her family is falling apart and she has only twenty-one days to put them back together. 

Her new promotion as Executive Chef at the posh Littlefield Country Club in Delaware is a dream job. It’s more than the pay and benefits; she has the chance to achieve what she’s always wanted – her own kitchen – and Genna can’t wait to get started when she returns after the Fourth of July holiday.

However, her vacation is far from relaxing. Two men are vying for her attention – an ex-fiancĂ© who wants to fix the mistakes of the past, and an old school chum who finds her irresistible, and inspires mutual feelings in Genna. Her aunt’s forgetfulness is also causing concern. However, the family is in denial; her cousins are unable to cope with their mother’s changing behavior and her beloved uncle, dealing with all the stress, has a heart attack. 

Genna steps in to keep his diner open and the family together while he recuperates, and she questions what’s more important – breaking the glass ceiling or remaining with her family. The clock runs out and Genna finds she is needed at her new job, needed by her family, and by lovers old and new. Now Genna must search her soul to find out what she needs.

This is a book I feel should have more attention than it's received, because it really is a good story! I really enjoyed Remember You, check it out.


Here’s a couple of pictures I took yesterday around the ranch. Our trees are at their peak and I’m sure going to miss these bright yellows when they fall. L

Sia's Field of Gold

Walking Companions--the dog was at my side.

The back pasture