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What could be more perfect for a blog called “Over Coffee,” than a terrific romance called “Something in the Coffee?” And while the coffee here on the blog has no magic potions in it, I can’t promise it doesn't occasionally have a wee drop of whisky!

Today’s guest is Rose Maybud, talking about her funny, sexy contemporary romance, Something in the Coffee, and real-life embarrassing on-the-job situations. I've had funny, cringe-worthy things happen in the office, but nothing like the wickedly sexy plot that Rose dreamed up for this novel! Even better? There’s a prize for the best comment! YAY prizes!

Here’s Rose, on just one embarrassing real-life office mishap:

Trial and (Clothing) Error

Here’s a true story (and I swear it wasn't me): One day, young female lawyer wore her workout clothes to the gym and brought her suit on a hanger, because she was due in court that morning for a very important case.

But when she went to put on her business clothes, she discovered…NO BRA. She’d forgotten to pack it in her gym bag. No time to shop for a replacement. Her sports bra was too bright to wear under her thin white blouse. 

So she had no choice—that day in the courtroom, “The Girls” hung free.

What about you?  I’ll send a free download of Something In the Coffee to the commenter with the most awful, embarrassing, funniest work story ever.

 Inquiring minds want to know!

Something in the Coffee: Office Life Can Be Hell

Have you ever worked in a job you couldn't wait to quit?
Or maybe you didn't want to quit, but you sure wish you could change certain things about the office? Or your co-workers. Or your boss!

Attorney Alex Poindextre knows that people just aren’t getting along at his uncle’s law firm, Sangazure and Poindextre, LLP.

Lawyers are rude and unpleasant to the administrative assistants. Paralegals argue with the IT personnel. Can’t they all just get along?

Alex has a plan: Hire a sorcerer—well, a Potions Account Executive—to slip a little something into the office coffee pot, something to make everyone friendlier to each other.
And boy, do they get friendly…soon everyone in the high-pressure law firm is wildly attracted to the first unattached person they see. Uptight lawyers cavorting with admin assistants, grim-faced paralegals stripping in the copier rooms, serious tech support personnel finding new uses for their extra power cables…chaos reigns supreme, and it’s All. Alex’s. Fault.

Good thing Alex is a clever lawyer, because it’s going to take all his ingenuity to fix this mess…and win back the love of his fiancée, Eileen.

Take a look at the video book trailer for Something In The Coffee

Rose Maybud is a retired lawyer who enjoys singing opera in the shower. She is a wholehearted fan of Gilbert and Sullivan, although she has never performed in any of their comic operas. “Something in the Coffee” was inspired by G&S’s work, The Sorcerer. Currently she resides in Central Ohio. You can fnd Rose on the web at her blog or on Facebook.






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Kat Sheridan said...

Good morning, Rose! I just love the premise of this book! As for embarrassing office moments, I probably have too many to mention. I suppose one of the worst was when I tried to change the tone cartridge in a printer. We're not talking a regular desktop printer, I'm talking the BIG printer in the computer room. I got it upside down somehow and when I pulled off the tape keeping the ink in, it went EVERYWHERE. It just sort of exploded. The ink is very fine, worse than talcum powder, and the floor and me were COVERED with it. I looked like a chimney sweep who'd escaped from the Mary Poppins movie! And the more you try to wash that stuff off, the more it smears. Once I got the floor mopped up I actually had to go home and shower and change clothes. Fortunately, someone had one of those disposable raincoats they let me have to wear so I didn't get my car covered in ink. The upside was that nobody ever asked me to change the printer cartridge again!

Lisa Cooke said...

Hi Rose! I've read your book and it's oodles of fun! I loved the chaos and shenanigans the potion caused. It's very sexy too! As for embarrassing moments, once I came out of the restroom where I work with my half slip hanging somewhere around my knees. I didn't notice until everyone in the lounge started laughing. I laughed too and ran back in to pull it up, but I know I was red as a beet! Haha.

Crystal Collier said...

Eeks! I think I would die of humiliation...hanging free. Guess it's a good thing I'm not a lawyer who hits the gym. (Or a lawyer period, because I think that might suck my soul dry.)

Robin said...

I can't think of any funny stories right now, but the book sounds clever and fun!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Kat! Thanks for hosting me on Sia's blog today (waving frantically at Sia and wishing her all the best).
Wow, toner powder EVERYWHERE! That really is a disaster--and probably much funnier now than it was at the time! Glad you were able to go home and wash off, because I'm sure that there was no other way to stop looking like an extra in "Mary Poppins."


Rose Maybud

Anonymous said...

Hi, Lisa,

Thanks for stopping by! Yikes, that would be embarrassing, to have everyone in the lounge noticing your slip! But I'm guessing it might have been worse...Good thing we can laugh about these things now, right?

Rose Maybud

Anonymous said...

Hi, Crystal,

I think you're right -- it's much better to avoid being a lawyer in the first place! Some people are good at it, but most people are happier in some other line of work.

Thanks for stopping by!

Rose Maybud

Anonymous said...

Hi, Robin,

No problem! I'm glad you think the story sounds like fun -- that was what I hoped for.

Thanks for stopping by!

~Sia McKye~ said...

Welcome to Over Coffee Rose. :-)
Looks like a fun story and there is lots of fodder for good stories in an office setting, lol!

Wishing you the best on this one!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Sia! I'm delighted to be here. So nice to meet you all.



Jo said...

Can't think of anything, will come back if I do.

Book sounds good.

Anonymous said...

Thanks,Jo! Glad you stopped by! (It doesn't have to be something that happened to you -- just a funny work story you know about.)


Liza said...

Hey, can I have some of that magic potion where I work? Sounds like a fun story. Hmmm, where do I begin? At another employer, I caught my heel, fell down the stairs and landed at a senior executive's feet. Another time I had a sudden stomach issue and had to duck behind an office tree to lose my lunch...Oh dear. I think I'll stop there.

Anonymous said...

LOL, Liza! Sounds like you win the prize for the most awful (but in retrospect, still funny) moment in the workplace.

Thanks for stopping by and putting a smile on my face!


Johanna Garth said...

Great embarrassing work story!! What haven't I done. Worn two different shoes. Forwarded my mother a congratulatory email from my boss only to have her respond to him...the list goes on and on!

Donna MacMeans said...

Hi Rose -

No Fair asking for embarrassing stories from everyone without sharing your own!

Here's mine - and if I win the prize you'll have to select someone else because I already have this fun story.

For our 25th wedding anniversary, the dh & I decided to go to Hawaii. Where there, I thought I'd tease him on the way to a fancy restaurant by telling him that I wasn't wearing any underwear. It was the sort of place that prepared some of the food at the table. The server, in the process of preparing the ceasar salad, knocked over a bottle of salad oil - that knocked over something else - that dumped my water glass directly into my lap. Talk about ice cold! And how exactly do you dry a dress with a wall set hand dryer in the restroom when you're not wearing underwear? LOL. Good thing the place was dark so you couldn't see my flaming cheecks (grin).

Janie Mason said...

I'm a teacher and luckily haven't had anything really embarrassing happen since I was in college, doing student teaching. At that time I had a little boy (maybe 8) in an inner city school come up to me and ask, "Why your butt so big?" Normally I'm not too quick on the uptake, but I replied, "Cuz I'm a big girl. How come your mouth so big?" He grinned at me and walked away. I guess I passed his test.

Anonymous said...

LOL, Johanna, you're a hoot! Sounds like your mom is proud of her daughter, too! Hope your boss was understanding...

Thanks for sharing your stories!

Anonymous said...

Donna, that sure is a prize-winning story! Sounds like that water might have "cooled your ardor" for a little while -- but I'm sure it just added to the memorableness of the occasion.

Thanks for sharing your story!


Anonymous said...


Kids say the darndest things! Sounds like you were really on a roll -- and you impressed that little imp, too!

I am not good with snappy comebacks, either. That's why I'm a writer, so I can spend days thinking up snappy answers for my characters to say!

Thanks for stopping by!