Wednesday, April 17, 2013

OH MY...

Oh my moments happen to everyone. Depending upon what’s going on we tend to add more words to the phrase—even colorful metaphors, as Spock would say.

We've all had those moments, haven’t we?

Our mate brings us flowers or a gift elicits a soft response. Walking into the room where our kids just had a pillow fight may provoke a different response and tone. The lady who backs into your car can certainly incite a more inflammatory ending to the phrase. It all depends upon the circumstances.

I've had a few oh my reactions recently. Mostly good and a few surprises.

Saturday, Dan told me we had a bird trying to make a nest in the mailbox. Say what? He removed the twigs. End of story, right? Wrong. I went to go get the mail today and saw an envelope make a loop-de-loop out of the mailbox. Wtf? I look around no wind, just then a catalog slides out. Splat!  I walk up to the mailbox and bent to pick up the mail and the catalog and come eye to eye with a bird, cleaning house—except the house in question was my mailbox. Further more, there were again twigs in my mailbox. Oh my…

I wonder what you charge a determined bird for rent? Eviction notice has been given.


Last week, as I was leaving to drive my son to work, there was a Red-tail hawk sitting pretty as you please on our fence post. Seeing a big hawk where you weren't expecting to see one provoked a different response

“Oh my god, would you look at that! Isn't he gorgeous?”  

I knew the hawks were back because I had heard their cries (screeches), but while I had seen them flying, I hadn't seen one that close. 


On a different note, I’m reading a book that has me glued to the story. I wanted something different to read (pleasure reading—I’m not reading for reviews presently) and decided to pick up THE MAGIC WAKES, by Charity Bradford (you can find her blog here).  


If you like good characters, a well told story, some serious suspense, and like elements of fantasy but mostly sci-fi, this is the book to read. Just…yah. Read it.

Have you had any Oh my moments, lately? Do share.

Due to a glitch, beyond my control, I hope to be able to feature author Julie Stone a bit later. I will be featuring romance author, Julie Walker on Friday (the 17th) and she'll be talking about how she's reacted to public speakingher trialsand triumphs and her latest book (another good read).