Friday, November 4, 2011


My apologies for the late posting. We hit a small glitch. 

Amanda Forester is my guest today and she writes about hunky highlanders set in the sweeping history of   14th century Scotland.

How people meet and fall in love is always fascinating. Amanda shares how her two main characters meet and shares with us how she and her husband met. A case of opposites attract.

Romance.  I love it.  Since I'm a romance author, this pronouncement is perhaps not surprising.  I especially enjoy hearing the story if the two people involved are an unlikely pair or come from different backgrounds.
Thus in THE HIGHLANDER'S HEART, my muse gave me a hero who is a Highland laird and wanted criminal in England, and a heroine who is an English Countess trying to escape an abusive marriage.  Here is how they first meet:

Isabelle stared at the barbarian before her. These would surely be her final moments on Earth. She tried to think of something worthy of her last thoughts.

I can see his knees. Isabelle groaned and squeezed her eyes shut. This would never do. Thoughts like that would send her straight to purgatory. She put her hands over her eyes and tried to think of something pious. Nothing but a mental vision of his thighs came to mind.

“No, no, no.” She looked up pleading. “Do not kill me yet, I am not ready.”
“Sassenach,” said the shadowy figure with disgust. “Get up English, I will no’ be killing ye.”

Not the most promising of starts, I grant you.  Lady Isabelle tries to use Laird Campbell to save her from her husband's guards, while he decides to hold her for ransom.  Neither of these plans is destined to succeed, and both are forced to work together to save themselves and their people from the threat of war.

I do enjoy watching unlikely couples fall in love.  Perhaps my own love story played a hand in that interest.  I always thought I would marry a person like myself, someone I met in graduate school or at church.  I am embarrassed to admit it, but I met my husband in a bar, actually it was in the parking lot outside the bar (oh, the shame).  Now obviously he was not a Highland warrior nor I an English Countess, but at the time we met he was an infantry officer and I was a PhD student in psychology.  He was cute, very cute I must say, but I couldn't see much of a future in it.  Fast forward to the present and we've been married for 14 years now, so I was (happily) quite wrong.
  • So tell me how you met the love of your life.  Were you best friends since the 2nd grade or were you so different you might as well have been from separate planets?  Do tell - I'd love to hear your story! 

Comment on this blog for a chance to win a copy of Amanda Forester's latest release, THE HIGHLANDER'S HEART. A chance for two winners! 

HIGHLANDER'S HEART Available now ebook and print formats

Lady Isabelle escapes her murderous English husband only to be abducted by a Highland warrior and held for ransom.  Her determination to break free from captivity is exceeded only by the passion growing between her and the Highland Laird.  David Campbell plans to hold Isabelle for ransom as an easy way to line his pockets and return her back where she belongs, but he is unprepared for a feisty English lass with a penchant for finding trouble.  Caught between rival clans bent on claiming the throne of Scotland, Campbell must choose a side, and a bride.  Standing on the brink of war, Isabelle may be his only hope to save his clan, and his heart. Excerpt 

"[T]he plot never falters, and fans of Highland romance will appreciate Forester’s devotion to historical accuracy and effortless storytelling." ~Publisher's Weekly

Amanda Forester holds a PhD in clinical psychology and a Masters degree in theology.  As a psychologist, she has worked as a clinical researcher and a university instructor (what they call you when they don’t want to give you tenure).  None of which has anything to do with writing romance novels.  After trying for many years to stop the internal storylines floating around her head, she finally gave up and wrote one down.  Now when she is caught daydreaming and talking to herself she can just say, “I’m plotting a scene for my next novel,” which sounds so much better than, “I’m hallucinating and responding to internal stimuli.”

Amanda lives in the Pacific Northwest with her officer and a gentleman husband and their two remarkably active, naturally brilliant children.  They share their home with two fiendishly destructive cats and one lazy dog.

Find Amanda at her websitefacebook, or twitter.


Karen Walker said...

It took me several tries to find the love of my life. We met folk dancing.

Amanda Forester said...

Folk dancing? I love it! So much better than meeting in a parking lot!

BJ said...

I actually met my adorkable hubby online...LOL
I was working in Chicago for a major airlines and hadn't really much time to date anyone other than pilots and such, and I just wanted something more...So...I figured any grown man who puts on his profile that he likes Sponge Bob Square Pants was worth a date. Six Years later and we're still going strong :0)
(Now he watches Sponge Bob with our 3yr old

Anne Gallagher said...

Unfortunately I don't have a hubby. We parted ways quite a while ago. However, I must say, I do like Isabelle's thoughts upon her thinking she's about to die. Knees could actually land you in purgatory. Sounds like a great read. Much continued success.

Amanda Forester said...

BJ - love it! Meeting online is becoming quite common in our modern world, and much more discerning than my way. Sounds like your "squarepants" selection theory is working well!

Amanda Forester said...

Anne - unfortunately many of my thoughts would land me in purgatory, and knees are not the worst of them! I'll just have to rely on grace!

~Sia McKye~ said...

I met mine on a blind date and I was protesting the whole way there. I hated blind dates. It was at the Branding Iron Lounge/Restaurant and after 9 there was dancing. That was over 20 years ago.

I'm with you Amanda, if I believed in purgatory, I have many thoughts that would land me there posthaste, lolol!

I'm so glad you're visiting! I love your stories!

Amanda Forester said...

Sia - The dreaded blind date! Isn't it funny how things are never quite how we expect - and sometimes that's a really good thing!

Thanks so much for letting me visit you today!!

Anonymous said...

My wife and I met at a singles discussion group -- topic: Life in the Fast Lane. We both agreed we didn't like that, but jumped on the merry-go-round and it's still spinning over 20 years later.

Amanda Forester said...

James - sounds like you found something you both enjoy. Congrats on over 20 years!

Laila Knight said...

This book sounds so familiar, but I love reading about Lairds. :) I met my hubs online when the dating on the internet wasn't popular.

Amanda Forester said...

Laila - I love a Laird too! Sounds like you started the trend for online dating!

Na said...

I like to root for unlikely couples as well. Their differences can make for some interesting conversations, healthy conflicts and chemistry. They would need to share some common ground but a little differences is more fun to read about. I haven't found "the one" but I suspect he wouldn't be like me in a good way.


Anonymous said...

In my case, having nearly drowned a couple of times, I became afraid of the water and decided to learn to scuba dive. Guess who was my instructor? That was over 40 years ago. I was already married and from a very different background to my future hubby.

Amanda Forester said...

Na - it is great two people get together who ompliment each other; one can be strong where the other is weak. Good luck in finding that special someone!

Amanda Forester said...

Jowake - Wow - that is an amazing story! Who would have thought facing your fears would lead to love?