Monday, October 31, 2011

Lydia Dare Has a Secret

Pssst, I know a secret about Lydia Dare...

Lydia Dare is a writing partnership consisting of Tammy Falkner and Jody Pearson. My guest is actually Jody with Tammy cheering her on. Jodie shares with us a secret she's been burning to tell and so without further ado, here's Jodie.

It’s Halloween! And the perfect time for a paranormal author to reveal a little secret.  Or at least the perfect time for me - the Jodie ½ of Lydia Dare - to do so. For the last few years, Tammy Falkner and I have been writing Paranormal Regencies under the name Lydia Dare. We have seven books on the shelves and three more slated for release next year. 

But we weren’t always a team.  And before we banded together to write these fun stories, we were both on our own individual publishing paths.  Mine was always headed straight for Regency England. 

Over the last year, I’ve felt myself pulled more in the direction of my first love. Oh, I still love our werewolves, vampyres and witches. In fact, I can’t envision a future without them.  But every now and then, I feel the urge to return to a Regency England without magic or the pull of full moons.

So I did. I created a new brand and a new name for myself – Ava Stone. And I’m loving it! Every last second. My Scandalous Series revolves around the family and friends of the Machiavellian-like Viscountess Staveley, and it has been so fun to create and explore this new world.

Whew! I’ve been keeping that secret for a long time. It feels good to have it out in the open now.  (I am not good with secrets. I dance on my tiptoes, dying to tell someone, anyone who will listen.) But now I feel like a kid with a shiny new toy at Christmas…

And speaking of Christmas… (It’s never too early to start thinking about Christmas, right?) Tomorrow, November 1st, Ava Stone’s newest Regency will be available - a short story in A Summons From Yorkshire anthology that is part of a bigger collection Regency Christmas Summons.  

At my website, you can find all the information about this book and the rest of the Christmas collection.

  • What is the longest you've kept a secret? Or are you still keeping it?


Lady Emma Whitton has decided its time to take her future in her own hands. She has been in love with Viscount Heathfield since she was in leading strings. Unfortunately, it's been almost that long since she's laid eyes on her brother's old friend and vice versa. Tired of waiting for him to remember her, Emma pens a holiday invitation (in her brother's hand) to Heathfield and waits as patiently as she is able for her one true love to arrive.
 Heath isn't quite certain what to make of the very strange summons he received, but his curiosity is most definitely piqued. He heads north to Danby Castle, only to find that his very orderly life is about to be turned upside down. Excerpt

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The author of several Regency Noir Romances, Ava Stone first fell in love with Mr. Darcy, Jane Austen and Regency England at the age of twelve. And in the years since, that love has never diminished. If she isn't writing Regency Era romance, she can be found reading it.

Her best-selling Scandalous Series is filled with witty humor and centers around the friends and family of the Machiavellian-like Lady Staveley, exploring deep themes but with a light touch. A single mother, Ava lives outside Raleigh NC, but she travels extensively, always looking for inspiration for new stories and characters in the various locales she visits.

Ava blogs regularly at LadyScribes.

Jodie Pearson:
writing as Lydia Dare
Never Been Bit ~ September 2011
The Wolf Who Loved Me ~ April 2012 

writing as Ava Stone
Scandalous Series
Regency Christmas Summons ~ November 2011


~Sia McKye~ said...

Congratulations Jodie (aka Ava Stone)!!

I loved the excerpt. I have to say, your regencies aren't blah. I'm going to enjoy reading them and your Scandalous Series.

Pull up a chair and visit with us for awhile!

As for your question, I have secrets I've kept for 30 years. If I'm told a secret and it's confidential? No one learns of it. Point of honor.

VA said...

I love Regencies. The excerpt is sweetly delightful and I'm already half in love with both characters.

Secrets held indefinitely, until the owner divulges it. It is not mine to tell.
Longest: 24 years

Kat Sheridan said...

Congrats "Ava"! The stories sound wonderful! I HATE secrets. I can keep them like the grave, but I hate it. Please don't tell me to keep a secret. I'll do it, but like you, I'll be on tippy toes doing a potty dance about it!

Ava Stone said...

Good morning! I am so excited to be here today! Thank you so much, Sia, for having me here!

Ava Stone said...

Sia ~ Oh good heavens, 30 years! I think that would give me an ulcer. I mean, I would keep a secret confidential if I had to, but I think 30 years might send me to an early grave. Good for you!

VA ~ Same for you. 24 years!! That is amazing. What a great friend (or family member) you are. I think for me, it also depends on the secret and whether or not keeping it is the right thing to do, morally for me. But NO one in my family keeps secrets well. I can talk to either of my parents, my sister or my brothers and as soon as I say "Don't tell anyone" I can expect to get a round of texts from the others about the subject matter. Maybe that's why I usually end up divulging my own secrets. ...OH - and I'm so glad you like Heath and Emma already. They were such fun characters to write.

Kat ~ Thank you so much! I'm glad you like the "sound" of the stories. AND I'm so glad to hear you do the potty dance too. I am not a fan of secrets either!! I think I'm so honest in my day to day life, that even if I don't need/have to divulge something, the inability to do so kills me.

Judi Fennell said...

And she's out! Congrats, and I live the Scandalous series! Much success to you!

Ava Stone said...

Judi ~ LOL! Since you've been keeping this secret of mine for a little while now. ;)

Dana said...

Hi Ava! Congrats on your big reveal! Since I love Lydia Dare and I love Ava Stone, you will just have to keep your two identities for now. Or three? How many identities do you have anyway?! Lol...

Ailedroc said...

I'm curious why you all have to keep coming up with names and can't just publish under your own? It's sort of confusing for fans.

Houston A.W. Knight said...

Hey Sia!

Awesome post and my mouth is closed on any secret I've ever been told...I WON'T TELL...ever. When a secret is told it's told in confidence and I'll honor that confidence until I'm six feet under. ;-) so, you got a secret you want to share?

Hugs and Love

Ava Stone said...

Dana ~ Wouldn't you like to know? LOL. Just the 2 for now. If there was more, I'm sure I'd have a hard time keeping it a secret.

Ailedroc ~ Well, a lot goes into names. When Tammy and I got the "Lydia Dare" deal, no one know who either of us were so it made the most sense to go with a single pseudonym. If one of us had a following before then, we probably would have had 2 names on the cover... but 2 unknown authors aren't going to do a ton for sales and just be confusing. When I went the solo route, I could have used my name (but I couldn't use Lydia's because it belongs to both Tammy and me,) BUT I hate my own name - both of them. I've never cared for Jodie (thanks, Dad, for the spelling no one ever gets right). And Pearson is my ex-husband's last name that I would have already changed if I didn't have a son in school with the same surname. I certainly don't want any of my hard work associated with my ex. ;)

Ava Stone said...

Hawk ~ You're a valut! Who knows what you're keeping!

~Sia McKye~ said...

If I do, Hawk, I'll let you know, lol!

Suzie Grant said...

Hi Ava! Omg I've been dying to tell this secret for so long now. But yes, I do keep secrets but I have no secrets. My life is pretty much an open book and what you see is what you get. LOL. But secrets are so much fun though, especially revealed like this! So exciting.

Ailedroc just to answer your question many times publishers won't allow authors to use thier names at any other publishing houses or even self publishing. Trust me it's usually not the authors first choice to do this.

I love both Ava and Lydia books and can't wait to read many, many more.

Catherine Gayle said...

Sia, thanks for helping to "out" this secret. LOL. I've known it, but it wasn't mine to share. That takes one off my chest.

But Ava, I do have another secret, one that I've been keeping for a very long time, and again, one that isn't mine to share. I HATE that I know this. I'd rather not know, but it is too late for that.

The only way I'm ABLE to keep a secret is to reveal what I know to someone to whom it won't matter one way or another. Like with your secret, I told my Mom. She doesn't read books, so she wouldn't have the first clue who you were or give a fig if you had two aliases or ten. She wouldn't tell anyone, because it wouldn't have any meaning for you. For my other secret, I revealed it to some of my online friends quite a while back, because I had to tell someone...but since it is relevant to my friends and family around here, there's no way I could reveal it to anyone in these parts.

It helps a bit. But as I've said before, I don't DO secrets. LOL. They drive me bonkers.

Ava Stone said...

Suzie and Catherine are great examples of how I can't keep my own secrets. "Hey, I'll tell you something but you've got to promise not to say a word." I'm very fortunate to have such great friends!

Suzie ~ I'm so glad this secret is off your chest. You're very like me in that my lie is an open book. I'll tell anyone anything if they ask. And sometimes if they don't.

Catherine ~ Same here. I will tell someone who doesn't know any of the parties involved just to get it off my chest. BUT one time (my husband at the time) met someone I'd revealed a secret about and in a booming voice he said "Oh you're the one who..." I wanted to crawl under a rock. Luckily, everyone in my life these days has some discretion.

~Sia McKye~ said...

Like open books, huh? They've got words in them you know. I'm giving you a hard time.

I'm glad I was able to take a load off some of your secret holders minds, Ava.

Hey, that makes me good for something, right?

I'll check back in a little bit. Must go spend some time with my sick horse. By the time I get finished massaging his pulled muscle I will need a massage and a nap. To top it off, I've also got a sick kid who's going from both ends. Poor baby.

Work is never done

Laila Knight said...

Ava Stone, I love that name. Congratulations! The Scandalous series sounds perfect. There's nothing quite like a good romance. Happy Halloween! :)

Ava Stone said...

Sia ~ Good luck with all of your sick kids be they human or equine. :)

Laila ~ Thanks so much! The series was a lot of fun to write. Happy Halloween to you too!

Houston A.W. Knight said...

Ava...LOL ... wouldn't you love to know? But, I can't tell... there is such a thing as HONOR...I gave me word and I'm keeping it to all those who have trusted me with their secrets.

I loved the interview, BTW...

Sia! I'm here for you forever, you know that...I adore you sweetie!


L. Diane Wolfe said...

Sometimes you just have to go back to what you love!

Anonymous said...

Hey there,
I suppose like you say if you live out in the middle of nowhere, I don't suppose you have many trick or treaters. Are your kids fully grown??
Hope you had a good one all the same.:)
Ava Stone LOVE IT!! congratulations. Keep up the good work.xx

Ava Stone said...

Diane ~ I completely agree! :)

Eve ~ Thank you. (And it rained like cats and dogs here in Raleigh, so Halloween was essentially cancelled. There's no make-up day for Halloween. Lots a little kids with empty candy bags.)