Wednesday, June 15, 2011

ALYSON REUBEN: Making The Transition From Aspiring To Published Author

My guest is historical author, Alyson Reuben. A several months ago, she virtually disappeared for a while. It freaked me out, so I wrote to her and asked if all was well? That’s when I learned she was in the process of getting published and deep into edits and such.
Now that she has a bit more free time, I asked her to be a guest on Over Coffee, even though her book wasn’t yet available. I will be featuring her book in September.
I love hearing how writers deal with the call and the transition from aspiring author to published author.  How she reacted when she learned her book was to be published ( I do believe I heard a very loud squeal).  How did she work through the excitement of getting a book ready for publication. 
What kept her going through rejections over the years? Had she ever thought of just giving up? 
Hello! I’m so excited to be Sia’s guest author today!  
AuthorWow, I can still hardly believe I’m using that noble label in reference to myself. There were times I thought my story would never move beyond my own computer screen.
The writing bug bit me back during my second grade year, when a children’s author visited my school. I loved to read—still do! So to meet a flesh and blood person behind such entertainments had me craning my neck, ears pricked to hear his every word. Unfortunately, the man’s name has long since escaped me, leaving behind only a vague impression of a Santa Claus-looking gentleman with a short white beard. But he also left behind another impression, greater than any Christmas present. One that has stuck with me all these years. And, because of that, I wish I could shake his hand. Heck, I wish I could throw my arms around his neck and kiss him! He helped me realize, even at such a young age, what I wanted to achieve in life. To write a book. To write lots of books. 
One thing he didn’t tell us author-hopefuls—or, at least, not that I can remember—was how long it takes to break into publishing. It might not take everyone as long, but it’s been a long haul for this ol’ girl - over twenty *ahem* years. I started writing A Beautiful Cage a few years ago, filed it away half-finished, then picked it up again, because the characters kept returning to mind, urging me, goading me, begging me to finish their story. WWII is a subject I’ve always found fascinating, not because I love war—just the opposite—but because of the many true tales of heroism and courage that have come from such a catastrophic event.
Gustav and Rebecca, my hero and heroine, are fictional products of this tragic and yet gutsy period in time. I’m sure they’re as relieved as I am to finally break into publication. Did they cry when receiving the news? I’m not sure, but I do know that my ever-supportive husband and daughter had to keep the Kleenexes coming for me. I sobbed for days, in between cheering and dancing. 
I’ve been asked what has kept me going through the years, especially after receiving several rejections. My first answer is love. Love keeps the desire to write strong and keen. The second (and, perhaps, most important) thing that keeps me going is pure perseverance. I’ve refused to give up in the past, and I refuse to give up in the future. My zeal hasn’t diminished with the arrival of publication. It continues, a living, vital part of me that pulses, pushing me to write even better. And for the times I need an extra push, my critique partner, Elle J. Rossi, is always ready with her encouragement.
  •  A few things I've learned:  writing takes practice, patience, and persistence.  And a lot of all three. 

So, now I’m working on A Beautiful Cage’s sequel, A Beautiful Tempest. Am I running into rough spots? Naturally. Do the rough spots tempt me to throw up my hands in surrender? Sorry to say, at times, yes. Am I loving my characters? You bet!
Most of all, will I ever give up?
No way! 

  • Are you an aspiring author? What keeps you going in the face of rejections?


Back in elementary and high school, Alyson was often in trouble for writing stories when she should’ve been studying for math tests.  Detentions and trips to the principal's office aside, she was determined to become an author someday, no matter the price.  A few years later Alyson began writing historical romance.
Now Alyson gets in trouble for writing stories when she should be cooking dinner for my her family.

You can find Alyson at her Website, Facebook, Blog: Reuben Sandwich

Coming in September 2011