Monday, November 4, 2013


It started out a thread of gossamer brushing my mind. Little sparkles of ideas catching my mind’s attention. Intriguing snatches of characters in my dreams coalescing into story pieces and captivating my imagination with possibilities. I could see where the characters came from and how they got to this world and the source of their power as well as the eventual goal of the story and characters but there were pieces missing. 

I knew I needed research to flesh out the world a bit. I've got pages of research on various aspects of mythology and gemstones but how to pull it all together became the issue.

 I have this huge gorgeous sweep of fabric to work with but what about these other equally lovely and rich pieces of material? I want to use them, too. How do I combine them all into a whole piece? I have most of the picture in my mind of what I want but where and how do I place the pattern pieces? I've pinned them this way and that but haven’t made the cut yet.

My indecision drives me nuts.
I have two sets of characters clear in my mind. I've decided to work with those pieces first. I've decided to do smaller character stories or sketches and let them help me define the parameters of this new world.

My insecurities are showing up big time. Maybe I’m doing it all backwards? Perhaps. I already know this story is going to pull me out of my comfort zone and stretch my writing skills. I have to start somewhere or walk away. I’m not inclined to walk away so, I’m writing.

On one hand that scares me spitless and on the other's exciting.

What about you? Have you ever had a story that affected you this way? 

How did you handle it?

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