Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Grimm Title Card Wikipedia 
Have you watched Grimm?

Grimm, Season 2, just ended. I didn't watch it. My husband, on the other hand, has watched it faithfully since it debuted. I've caught bits and pieces but never watched an entire episode.

Dan was telling me about a particular episode. I was interested in his take on the episode and his thoughts about otherworldly creatures and the show. I like the clever premise of Grimm’s fairy tales being more of a profiling of different otherworldly creatures rather than stories written to entertain and the Grimm’s being enforcers or guardians protecting (mostly) humankind. Not that the original Grimm’s tales were light reading. They were pretty gruesome, actually.

“You like reading paranormal. I've seen your books and you read all about different otherworldly creatures. I think you’d like this series.”

I got to thinking about what he said. He’s correct. I do enjoy reading stories featuring shifters, vampires, and otherworldly creatures. I went to my Amazon Prime account and started streaming the first season. Dan’s correct. I do like the series. Oh, some of it gets a tad…hokey, but it’s a good premise. Even in books I like the idea of these types of creatures hiding in plain sight. I like the idea of the guardian being a police detective. I love some of the characters and Munroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) is a favorite of mine and I love the humor between Nick (David Giuntoli) and Munroe. I also love Hank (Russell Hornsby) personality, humor, and his caring heart. He ain't bad to look at either. J
There is a nice blend of humor (some have cracked me up), suspense, danger, romance, and a touch of horror. I’m the first to admit I don’t like horror. I will also say that the pilot (and a few other episodes) made me squeal like a girl and with enough volume to have hubs dashing in to see what was wrong and then laughing his head off at my expense.

There’s a difference in reading something paranormal and watching paranormal. Film relies on the use of special effects, combined with sound and movement and the timing of those aspects, designed to startle the viewer. Color me startled. Sheesh.

I’m only part way through the first season but I know I’ll be joining Dan in watching the third season. Have I mentioned my husband is a bit diabolical?


Randi Lee, of The Emotional Process of Writing , not only has a very nice blog but came up with an interesting blog hop called 3UP! This is where you are partnered up with another blogger and you tell 3 nice things about the blog. My partner is Tara and Jason Argue About Movies I can’t say they actually argue so much as have a mild debate now and then. I hadn't visited this blog before. I did a bit of exploring. Here’s three things I like:

  • They love movies. They've seen far more movies than I have and some they mention I've never heard of. It’s not about a movie review as much as their take on the characters, storyline, and the redeeming features of even bad movies.
  • I enjoyed reading all of their A-Z entries. I found them fun and entertaining. I liked the personal point of view for each. The article, Mists Of Avalon, by Tara, was very interesting. Her views, on prominent women of legend, written by men and therefore slanted, were spot on. influence of patriarchy strongly interprets even the most progressive telling of events..”

          I also liked the sense of fun in Jason’s articles and like his little digs at Tara’s movie             choices (they both fling little digs at each other). 
  • I enjoyed watching some of the You Tube scenes and the character aspects shown in the little moving sketches, plus they chose some goofy overlay of songs—okay, I had to shake my head and laugh over the one with Thor and Loki. But I admire how they think out their subjects and then present it.

Hope you're enjoying your week and had some fun over Memorial Day weekend. I enjoyed my time off and the break from the blogging merry-go-round. I needed it. 

  • Any TV series suggestions? What do you like about them?


Anonymous said...

Good to have you back,we don't always get the same tv as you. some shows we see like American Pop Idol.
Have a good day.


Liza said...

I haven't watched Grimm, but my daughter likes it. I always love your playlist.

randi lee said...

Yay! Thank you so much for the props, for the exposure to 3 Ups, and, more importantly, for participating and making someone's day! I love your Ups. They're spot on and I'm glad exposure for this blog has been gained. Again, thanks SO much for being a part of this :D

Jo said...

Welcome back, wondered where you had disappeared to.

Don't watch TV much, Jeopardy I am glued, and occasionally watch a movie but that's about it. Grimm sounds interesting though, haven't heard of it before. Nor of 3 Ups.


Melanie Schulz said...

I haven't watched Grimm, but my sister is addicted to it.

Kat Sheridan said...

What a charming idea, to provide compliments for another blog! I'm sure folks will find plenty of nice things to say about your!

As for TV, I tried Grimm (and Once Upon a Time, which came out at the same time), but neither captivated me. I'm big on police procedurals and crime shows. "Elementary" is one of my favorites--a smart modern take on Sherlock Holmes. And I love So You Think You Can Dance and Survivor.

~Sia McKye~ said...

Yvonne, the UK does have a different line up of shows than we do, although there are some shared shows.

Liza--Thank you, I'm glad you enjoy the playlists. I like having a blog that touches more than one of our senses. I try to make it as welcoming as possible. :-)

Jo--I really don't watch much TV. I have to be in the mood to watch either TV or movies. I read far more than I watch.

I'm glad to be back. I really needed the break though.

~Sia McKye~ said...

Randi--your welcome. I thought this was a nice idea. I try to participate in hops when I can.

Melanie--Dan loves it too. There are shows he loves that I don't. He has several favorite reality shows that either leave me cold or make me shake my head and say seriously? They made a show of this? One of these days I'll do a spot of some of the survivor/homesteading types. Most of which are so unrealistic.

~Sia McKye~ said...

Kat, I remember seeing a few advertisements on Elementary and thought it would be a good show. I like Sherlock Holmes and yes, I like police procedurals, too. That's something I prefer to watch rather than read. I'll have to make a point to check it out.

L. Diane Wolfe said...

I think I'm the opposite - I prefer to watch paranormal rather than read it. But I have found some good books in that genre.

Nicki Elson said...

Sounds like both an interesting show & an interesting blog. Haven't watch Grimm, but a friend got me started on a different para show---Once Upon a Time. It's a fun take on fairy tales.

Johanna Garth said...

I love Grimm, partially for all the great shots of Portland :)

~Sia McKye~ said...

Johanna, the atmosphere of the Pacific Northwest forests is perfect for this show. Yes, they do have some great shots of Portland and pick up the flavor of the people and the area.

Nicki--I can't get into Once Upon a Time. My husband watches it though. I've seen several episodes and it has a good premise. I like some of the characters like Rumpelstiltskin. I recently saw another show with him as lead. I enjoy his acting abilities.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I watched a couple episodes of Grimm but it never grabbed me.
And it's not paranormal, but I always recommend Psych for a good laugh.

Screaming Sardine said...

I love Grimm! I like the main characters and the genuine fondness they have for one another.

Michael Di Gesu said...

Hi, SIa,

Welcome back....

Never watched the GRIMM series, but I do enjoy paranormal to a degree. I seriously need to check this out.

I think Randi's bloghop is wonderful. A charming way to make the blogging community even better.... If that's possible.