Monday, December 17, 2012


The month of December has traditionally been a month I've used as a break. I usually don't do much beyond holiday stories.  Sometimes I use the month for writing or other projects. This year I've had the added…blessing…of working. It’s been awhile since I worked this many hours and I feel the toll. December break? Ha! What break, lol!

I've been missing my normal routine. It makes me feel totally discombobulated. I haven’t had a lot of time to visit as many blogs as I normally do—I have a list and try to get to all on it once or twice a week. This year is a bit different and has been the past two and a half months. I don’t know how others are, but when I’m chained to my computer and a phone 7 hours a day the last thing I want to do is hang out on the computer or talk to anyone in my down time. I find myself hightailing it out of the office and outside, go visit with my critters, which have been feeling abandoned, catching up with chores, which have also been neglected. 

And releasing my creative spirit with baking. 

To add to the toll, I've also been dealing with a grieving Great Dane who lost his faithful companion of the past five years. Poor baby. He’s had a rough time the past three weeks. I spend most of my breaks with him. He’s doing better. The first few days after my Roxy died, he was in a frenzy. Very agitated—barking and howling. This is a dog I've never heard howl.  It about broke my heart to hear his mournful grieving. Anyone that thinks animals don't grieve should have been at my house and they'd change their minds very quickly. 

My Black Magic gets all my dogs howling in sympathy. Good thing I don’t have any close neighbors. J He’s settling down but he misses her something awful. 

I do too. She had a good life—thirteen and a half good years, some gorgeous pups, and was one of my favorite leg warmers.

Or maybe a better description, I was her leaning post. 

My sweet Roxy was my first Great Dane. It's not the same without her. 

I’m looking forward to after the holidays. I’ll be working less and back on schedule with everything.