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I recently bought a book by Anne Gallagher, aka Robynn Rand. Now, I won't tell you I've read all her books, but what I have read I've liked. She's an excellent storyteller. I read the premise behind her first women's fiction novel and thought, hmm, sounds interesting. It was beyond interesting—it was a wonderful character driven story of love and family. If you haven't had a chance to pick up, you should.


Remembering You [Kindle Edition]

Robynne Rand/Anne Gallagher

Publisher: Shore Road Publishing; 
2nd edition (July 13, 2012)
Print Length: 243 pages

When Genna goes home to Rhode Island to spend a long-awaited vacation, she finds that her family is falling apart and she has only twenty-one days to put them back together. 

Her new promotion as Executive Chef at the posh Littlefield Country Club in Delaware is a dream job. It’s more than the pay and benefits; she has the chance to achieve what she’s always wanted – her own kitchen – and Genna can’t wait to get started when she returns after the Fourth of July holiday.

However, her vacation is far from relaxing. Two men are vying for her attention – an ex-fiancé who wants to fix the mistakes of the past, and an old school chum who finds her irresistible, and inspires mutual feelings in Genna. Her aunt’s forgetfulness is also causing concern. However, the family is in denial; her cousins are unable to cope with their mother’s changing behavior and her beloved uncle, dealing with all the stress, has a heart attack. 

Genna steps in to keep his diner open and the family together while he recuperates, and she questions what’s more important – breaking the glass ceiling or remaining with her family. The clock runs out and Genna finds she is needed at her new job, needed by her family, and by lovers old and new. Now Genna must search her soul to find out what she needs


Remembering You ripples across your emotions like strumming a fine guitar and leaves a warm echo in your heart.

This is a love story. Una storia bella di amore.

The love isn’t only romantic—although there is that element—but love between family members. Family is a complicated circle filled with complex relationships and emotions. There are squabbles and fights, laughter and joys, sorrow and tragedies. Any one of these pieces can be in play at any given time or be in place simultaneously. This is especially so in close knit extended families—siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles. Home is not so much a place with four walls, or a town with familiar places and streets; it’s family. It’s our safety net and our bedrock from which we explore the world.

The main character, Genna, left home nursing a broken heart after a traumatic break with her fiancé and stayed away, aside from short visits, for ten years. She has worked hard during that time to hone her skills as a chef and restaurateur. It’s paid off. She’s been offered a dream job managing a large country club with several restaurants venues and a team of chefs. She takes three weeks to go home for an extended vacation before starting her new job.

Can you ever really go home? Yes, but it’s never what you left. It grows and changes, ebbs and flows. Home is familiar yet different. And so Genna discovers. She also learns you can’t really run from home and problems because they’re still waiting for you when you return.

I love Genna’s family. It’s a big New England Italian family (I married into one complete with a Diner). And Robynne Rand makes you a part of it. Uncle Sally is wonderful and I had to laugh at his choice of music in the diner, pithy comments, and intense love for his family.  All the characters are well drawn and feel very real. They make you laugh out loud—a lot. Your heart hurts as you see Auntie Fortuna’s problems, what cousin Angie is facing, the hard choices facing Genna. You’re right there with the family in their opinion of Tony (the lying cheating weasel), the ex, and humming right along with oh so sexy Petie (È l'uomo perfetto per voi!).

This is a story you wish wouldn’t end. If you don’t have a family like Genna’s you’ll wish you did or they were friends and you could pop into the diner for a cup of coffee and fresh slice of life, Gennovase styled, for dessert.

I’m looking forward to the next Robynne Rand story!


Robynne Rand grew up on the shores of Rhode Island. Now residing in the Foothills of the Piedmont in North Carolina with her daughter, Rand writes about her old home state while staring at 25 acres of a soybean field. Sometimes if she squints just right as the fog rolls in from the mountains, it almost looks like the ocean.
Rand has had three literary short stories published in small press anthologies. She also writes Regency romance under the pen name -- AnneGallagher Website.
REMEMBERING YOU is her first foray into contemporary Women’s Fiction.


~Sia McKye~ said...

Apparently, blogger doesn't like me much today. Must not have offered enough sacrifices to the Blogger gods, lol!

J. B. Chicoine said...

Robynne is indeed an exceptional story teller. I've always been impressed with the clear voice and realism of her characters.

nutschell said...

I don't usually read love stories, but the premise is so intriguing. I think I'll check this out :)

KarenG said...

I just read this! I didn't realize it was Anne Gallagher's pen name, until I went to leave my review on Goodreads and saw it listed with a different cover and under Anne's name. I enjoyed it as well.

~Sia McKye~ said...

Nutchelle--It really isn't a love story so much as it has an element of romance to it. It's women's fiction and about love and family.

If you like a good story, you'll enjoy it!

~Sia McKye~ said...

Karen, the only cover I saw on Amazon was the one I used here. I did see the alternate on Goodreads. Frankly, I don't know if the one on Goodreads is the first edition, but the one on Amazon was listed as the second addition. I'm confused, lol!

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

Great review! I enjoyed this book very much, too, and actually bought it when it had a different cover... and different byline. No matter what she calls herself, though, that gal can write!

Anne Gallagher said...

Sia, thanks again so much for putting up your review. Sorry I couldn't get over sooner. My server has been in and out all week, driving me nuts.

As for the questions about the cover -- This is the third and last cover, second ed. of the book. Goodreads won't let me take the other covers off the book even though I told them it's not being sold like that anymore.

DonnaGalanti said...

This sounds like a wonderful, cozy, heart warming read! I adore love stories that also involve family as it can double tug at your heart. I know all about marrying into that big Italian family too - wish it came with a diner though!

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Sia .. sounds like an amazing story - and one I'd love to read .. you have certainly drawn me in with your review of Anne's book ... and I want to find out what happened!

Cheers Hilary