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It's our love of reading that has us visiting (or haunting) libraries, bookstores, book blogs, and online bookstores. Personally, for me, I would add visiting their websites because you can find amazing deals, excerpts, contests, and all sorts of extra goodies. If you're a writer, you first learned to love reading before you even considered writing.

What can we, readers, do to show love of our favorite author's work? Elisabeth Naughton shares some ways we can make a difference and ensure we're able to continue reading more from our favorites.

First of all, thanks so much for inviting me to stop by during my blog tour for ENRAPTURED. ENRAPTURED is the fourth book in my Eternal Guardians series and recently garnered a starred review from Publisher’s Weekly and was named a Top Ten Romance for Spring 2012.

One of the things authors struggle with is how to get their books into the hands of readers who want to read them. There are so many books out there right now to choose from–especially with the boom in the Indie market. Does online advertising work? Do blog tours work? Do giveaways work? We’re constantly asking ourselves this question because all of these things—as fun as they can be—take away from what writers love and want to do, which is write that next book. For me the hardest part of being a published author is balancing the promotion side of writing with the actual writing. It’s so easy to use up a whole day (like today!) doing promo for my most recent book when what I need to be doing is writing the next book in the series.

I get a lot of fan mail from readers telling me how much they love my books, and while I truly enjoy hearing from them and appreciate the fact they’ve taken the time to email me, I’ve started passing on information telling them what they can do to help me out. Whether readers want to “see” it or not, publishing is a business. Publishers don’t buy and publish books, series and authors that aren’t selling. And the only way for an author to increase her readership and guarantee there will be additional books down the line is to sell more books.

If you’re a reader (or a writer who also loves to read…which we all are), there are a number of things you can do to help your favorite author sell more books, thereby guaranteeing he/she will continue to write the stories you love.
1. Post a Review! Reviews help new readers find and buy books. If you love a series and want to see it continue, write a review so NEW readers can find the book too. Then publish your review at Amazon, B&N, Goodreads, etc. to guarantee it will be seen.
2. "Like" books on retail sites like Amazon. Overall rankings are based on a combination of "likes" and sales. The higher the ranking, the better odds new readers have to find the book and author.
3. Tell your friends! Give them a book to borrow, tell them about an amazing story or series. Talk about it via social media sites like Twitter and Facebook and your own blog (if you have one).
4.  Sign up for the Author's newsletter so you can find out when the next great book is released. If you already get an author's newsletter, forward it to a friend you think might be interested. 
5. Like the Author's Facebook page. Follow the author on Twitter. Get involved in their online community and spread your interest to your friends.
6. Join the Author's readers group - if the Author has one.
7. Form a street team – a group of readers who spread promo materials like bookmarks and trading cards to readers they think will love an author’s work.

Any and all of these things help authors spread the word about books AND guarantee those authors will keep writing the books you love. They also help cut down on the amount of promo authors have to do from one book to the next so they can focus on writing that next story you’re so eagerly waiting for.  If you’re a reader who wants to help an author continue writing, you can pick and choose from the list. All efforts are appreciated on the author’s side. Trust me!

Thank you so much to all the readers who have found my books, loved them and spread the word! And thanks to all the readers who have bought ENRAPTURED so far! For those who haven’t…what are you waiting for? Run out and buy it today!

Sourcebooks is giving away two copies of my latest release, ENRAPTURED, to two lucky commenters today. 
  • Simply tell me what you've done lately to help spread the word about your favorite author or series.


Orpheus—To most he's an enigma, a devil-may-care rogue who does whatever he pleases whenever he wants. Now this loose cannon is part of the Eternal Guardians—elite warriors assigned to protect the human realm—whether he likes it or not.

Orpheus has just one goal: to rescue his brother from the Underworld. He's not expecting a woman to get in the way. Especially not a Siren as gorgeous as Skyla. He has no idea she's an assassin sent by Zeus to seduce, entrap, and ultimately destroy him.

Yet Skyla herself might have the most to lose. There's a reason Orpheus feels so familiar to her, a reason her body seems to crave him. Perhaps he's not the man everyone thinks... The truth could reveal a deadly secret as old as the Eternal Guardians themselves. EXCERPT


A former junior high science teacher, Elisabeth Naughton traded in her red pen and test-tube set for a laptop and research books. She now writes sexy romantic adventure and paranormal novels full-time from her home in western Oregon, where she lives with her husband and three children. Her work has been nominated for numerous awards, including the prestigious RITA Awards of Romance Writers of America, the Australian Romance Reader Awards, the Golden Leaf, and the Golden Heart. When not writing, Elisabeth can be found running, hanging out at the ball park, or dreaming up new and exciting adventures.
Visit her: to learn more about her and her books. Her next book in the Eternal Guardians series, Enslaved, will be in stores in November 2012.


~Sia McKye~ said...

Elisabeth, welcome to Over Coffee. You have some fabulous covers on these books. *blotting the drool off my chin.

I always try to *like* the books I get on FB, Twiter, or Goodreads. I do fewer reviews now, don't have the time to deal with a list longer than I am tall, so I phased back. But then, I do them at the request of publishers, mostly. When I read for pleasure, I'll do the stars on Goodreads and like the good reviews on Amazon.

I do have authors send me book marks and such. I drop them off at the library and our one and only bookstore.

welcome to my world of poetry said...

Thanks for host Elizabeth, most absorbing to read.


Jo said...

I do some of those things for an author I particularly like, she still hasn't found a publisher for her most recent book.

Kat Sheridan said...

The book sounds wonderful! And I'm a big fan of banging the drum for my favorite authors. I tweet and retweet, share on Facebook, tell friends, and write reviews. Someday, if I'm ever pubbed, I hope Karma remembers all that love!

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth, thanks for the practical tips on how to get the word out for your favorite authors. I write reviews of books I like and post them on Amazon, Goodreads or social networks, but it's good to hear the other suggestions as well. And as Kat said, notes to file away for when my own books are out there for sale.

Johanna Garth said...

This is such a great post on how to connect with readers. It took me a while to put it all together and to it is all in one place ;)

Anonymous said...

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Glittergirl said...

I have added you to my favored authors because a blog friend I trust HIGHLY recommended your books. In turn I comment on blogs about what I'm currently reading and rave about my favorites encouraging others to get addicted as I have. I tell friends about the books I read that I love and sometimes lend them out if they are interested. I can't wait to start your series now that I have them all and can read them in sequence.
glittergirl54 at ymail dot com

Tonya Kappes said...

Hi, Elizabeth! Great list for authors too. There is nothing better than being PR buddies and helping each other out.

Talli Roland said...

Those are great tips. The best thing someone can do is leave a (nice) review! It really does make a difference.

Carol L. said...

Elizabeth I love your Eternal Guardian series.Those are some great tips and take no time at all. Thanks for this giveaway opportunity.
Carol L
Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

bn100 said...

I like to my friends about the book. The book sounds very good.