Monday, January 30, 2012

MONDAY MUSINGS: The Quiet Life—Except When Its Not

I'm in a hot spiced tea mode today :-)

My week is off to a good start. I had a quiet, house all to myself, Sunday. No TV going, which tends to drive me nuts. I could think and putter around doing various needed things. It was wonderful. I’m a person who loves my quiet time. It refreshes me.

To top it off, it was a beautiful sunny day. Mild temperatures that made me think of spring which is a good thing because I’m planning out my herb garden, a small corn field so we can be assured of corn without nasty GMOs and built in pesticides—I’ll take bugs, thank you very much. I’m also planning some vertical gardening with tomatoes near my climbing roses. I’m going to try planting my crookneck, acorn, and butternut squash vertically. Did you know that every part the squash plant may be eaten, including the leaves and tender shoots, which can be cooked in omelets or made into soup?

Planning involved new rabbit hutches going in, and where; I need to prepare the area where the lambs and beef steer will be, and make the chicken laying area better and safe from possums and pesky predator types.

What can I say? I lead a rather quiet life, lol! Oh, it has its spurts of excitements, like times when I have a house full of teens, or a weekend of them (such as this past one).  Friday afternoon to Sunday at 10 am. Friday night movies and about anything they can get their hands on to eat and it gets loud and boisterous with guitar hero contests (I’m stuck on medium), water rifle battles, in January no less, I passed on it. Catch me in April, guys.
Picture from IMDb
Saturday, we (hubs and I) fixed popcorn and tea and watched Abduction (teens were in another room watching some scary flick). Very good movie. Good cast, great action, and probably a sequel will come to the screen. While I don’t watch a lot of movies this was one that sounded intriguing and would keep my interest and it did. I also want to see: Real Steel, with Hugh Jackman, Unknown, Liam Neeson.

And now you understand why I appreciated having a quiet Sunday.

I've finished up two great reads, The Avenger, a thriller by Jo Robertson, where a very smart serial killer has to be brought down.  Getaway (not yet released), another thriller, by Lisa Brackmann, set in Mexico involving an American who inadvertently gets caught up in a battle between good guys and bad guys set around the Mexican drug cartel trade. If she could only figure out which side really are the bad guys. Both are well written and kept me turning pages.  I also started a very good book, Cassa Fire, by Alex Cavanaugh (thankfully in print form as my Kindle has mysteriously disappeared). I can tell you, I’ll be reading more of his books. I love sci-fi set around space travel and exploration. This one is feeding that love. Contented sigh. Then again, I guess it’s not a big surprise, as I love Star Trek—all except Enterprise, which I couldn’t get into. So Alex’s story fits right in. 

Like I said, my life isn’t exactly the most exciting to most people but it suits me fine (Hey, I did my time living in cities, suburbia, and being on the go a lot).

Honestly, I love the country life and I enjoy peace and contentment that come with it.

  • What about you? How was your weekend? 
  • Any good books or movies you want to recommend?



welcome to my world of poetry said...

I live within two minutes of the beach and find it so relaxing to walk along the shore whatever the weather, so can understand how you love the countryside.
Most enjoyable post.

Anne Gallagher said...

For the most part my life is pretty simple, but I would like less traffic.

Jo said...

Being somewhat older, a quiet life is what we have most of the time.

I have been reading quite a few Jo Goodman boks lately and enjoying them.

Kat Sheridan said...

Oooo, LOVE Lisa's work and can't wait to get my hands on her next one! And your "quiet" life exhausts me. So you're getting a steer as well as the lambs? Wow. Today I'm reading M.J. Rose (The Memorist). I've got a couple of indie thrillers on the Kindle after that. I'm still just taking it slowly and re-learning how this "walking" thing works. LOL!

Kat Sheridan said...

And I remember being in Turkey and drinking tea out of little glasses like that. And some thick, hot lemon drink for which I've never been able to find a recipe. I loved it.

jeff7salter said...

We had several dozen relatives in town for a family funeral -- my wife's aunt -- so the house has been anything but peaceful for the whole weekend.
Like you, I need QUIET. TV drives me bonkers.

~Sia McKye~ said...

Kat, you can find Rize tea on Amazon. I've had it with lemon. A friend of mine had a separate pot in which she boiled sugar and lemon together (she did this with American tea, too). Made it sort of syrupy and poured it into the cup with the tea--much like we do cream. That might be what you had?

Nancy said...

Sia, I also thought Jo Robertson's The Watcher was fabulous!

Our weekend was quiet. We did some cleaning (never fun but necessary), watched Moneyball, which we enjoyed, and tried a new restaurant. I also did some thinking about the current project and am diving into it today.

Tonya Kappes said...

WE LOVE the country life. We don't live in the country, but the DH and I do rent a "couples" only cabin a few times a year where we go and just be. I can't say I don't work a little bit while I'm there, because my muse soars when I'm there, but relax I do! We love to take it easy, but we had three basketball games, and a Lacrosse game over the weekend. Weekends are extremely busy for us. We did take time out to watch Moneyball. Good movie!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Glad you got to enjoy some reading and gardening. I saw an excellent film this weekend - The Grey.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sia. I love my time outdoors, but life in the suburbs often involves hopping in a car. On Friday night, my band practiced for our upcoming gig -- very relaxing compared to the prior work week. On Saturday, I dropped my son off in the woods for a "winter" campout, sans the snow, of course. Had a special lunch yesterday for my parents' anniversary, but spent a lot of time in a car during the round trip. A busy, but fun weekend.

Helen Ginger said...

Don't know whether your life is exciting, but it sure sounds interesting! And busy.

Mason Canyon said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful Sunday and have things well planned for the spring. I didn't know that about squash plants and I'm looking forward to seeing how you do with the vertical planting. It also sounds like you're the one I need to consult about my rosemary growing. I can't seem to get a plant to live inside no matter what I do. I love the smell of it and using it to cook with, as well as for tea. What other herbs do you grow? As for reading, I'm finishing Howard Gordon's HARD TARGET, very action-packed. Have a great week.

Thoughts in Progress

~Sia McKye~ said...

Jeff Same here but I've learned to zone it out. Mostly Or retreat to my office or outside. My guys are TVaholics it's the first thing they turn on when they come into the house. My son has one in his room. I threatened death and separate bedrooms, to hubs many years ago if he even thought of bringing one into our bedroom. One in the living room is more than enough, lol!

Anne, we have occasional traffic on our country gravel road. The main road is a couple miles away and you can't hear the traffic at all.

~Sia McKye~ said...

Tonya that sounds like a great getaway for a couple, especially when you have kids.

Nancy Good luck with the project! Cleaning is a necessary evil but it sounds like you had a good weekend. And Jo's books are auto buys for me.

Alex I'm loving your book. Easy and fun to read! I want to teleport. I've heard good things about The Grey.

~Sia McKye~ said...

Helen it is busy. Animals take time to care for but it's rewarding.

Mason I've done vertical through the years. It's easier to care for without taking up an acre of garden space. We lived in a condo when we were first married and had a small fenced patio with like a 3 foot border of dirt all around. That's when I learned how to use a small area to produce a good sized crop. I grew all my herbs in pots--still do.

Sweet Basil, Fennel, Marjoram, Rosemary,Oregano, sage, and Thyme.

I'm not an expert, but I've found that having the right light/sun exposure is key. Remember, Rosemary loves sunlight. Try a western exposure for it. It also doesn't like a lot of fussing. I stick it in a pot and leave it alone except for watering and picking. Outside, it loves being near roses and the pots go on the western side of the house.

This year I'm trying 3 different types of Rosemary. We'll see how it goes.

You know I love action-packed stories! I'll have to check it out.

~Sia McKye~ said...

Yvonne I love walking by the ocean. I miss the Northern California coast. We didn't live as close as you do, but it was a 20 minute ride and I liked summer or winter.

James travel in the car is a great time for catching up and talking. I wish I was close enough to hear your band play.

Margo Kelly said...

I'm new to your blog - visiting from the IWSG! :) Nice to meet you!

~Sia McKye~ said...

Great to meet you, too, Margo! Thanks for stopping by!

Renee said...

I rarely have peace and quiet as my teenagers are constantly in my face or bringing someone with them to my face. But in a few years, they will be gone and I know that I will miss them so much! I'm enjoying!

rename setiadi said...
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