Friday, January 13, 2012

KAT SHERIDAN: Friday The13th My Lucky Day

In celebration, I have homemade Lemon Drizzle Coffee Cake! 

It is my great pleasure to welcome historical romance author, Kat Sheridan, to Over Coffee. Kat is a regular reader/commenter, sometimes book review contributor, and a personal friend whom I dearly love and respect. It’s wonderful to see one of her stories published.

Friday the 13th is my lucky day! Well, it never was before, but it is now because today marks my debut as an author, as a contributor to the anthology, Demon Lovers, from Ravenous Romance.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m one of the most superstitious people I know. I come from a family of mostly sensible, level-headed, practical people, but was influenced early by a grandmother who devoured astrology magazines and believed in all sorts of signs and portents.

I had no idea I was so superstitious about so many things until Hubs (my real-life hero) pointed it out to me. If I spill salt, I throw some over my shoulder. I knock on wood to counteract negative words. When I make a wish (and who among us doesn’t make wishes?) I always find something blue and add the words “touch blue, wish come true”.

I’ll refuse to take a knife, pair of scissors, or anything else sharp from your hand, but will make you lay it on the table (so our friendship isn’t “cut”). When Hubs (that patient man) gave me a lovely set of kitchen knives as a gift he was unsurprised when I immediately came back with bread and salt as a “gift” to him.

I don’t allow hats on the bed. I don’t allow umbrellas to be opened indoors. If I’m walking with someone and we have to separate to go around an obstacle (light post, hydrant, etc.) I always say “bread and butter”. The correct response should be “salt and pepper”, but Hubs (who’s always willing to humor me) says “peanut butter and jelly”. It works. We’re still together. In spite of my superstitions (that’s partly because I insisted on getting married when the clock was on the upswing, at 1:30, instead of a downswing, such as 1:00). And of course, I had something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue!

But from now on, I’m going to look on Friday the 13th as a lucky day. You’ll think you lucked out as well when you pick up Demon Lovers, which just so happens to have 13 tales of erotic romance. Each one is about either a succubus or an incubus (or in Inara LaVey’s entry, one of each!) and the lucky folks who get entangled with these sexy demons.

There’s something for everyone here. The anthology opens and closes with carnivals and cotton candy (Inara LaVey and Kilt Kilpatrick) although each is as different as can be. Some of the stories are contemporary, some are humorous, and some have a delicious horror thrill. And three are Victorian pieces (my favorite era!). Mine, La Petite Mort, is Victorian, as is “Original Cyn” by the uber-sexy Olivia Cunning (best known for her rock star erotica; yes, this one has a musical component as well. And a vampire!), and the third historical set piece, Demon’s Grace by Elena Derring, who is also making her debut (glad I’m not the only one!)

So, here are my questions for you: Are you superstitious about Friday the 13th? Do you have other superstitions?


Demon Lovers Anthology
A Succubus and Incubus Anthology

La Petite Mort: Blurb

La petite mort“The little death”. To the French, it is a euphemism for “orgasm”.
For Robert, seventh Viscount Weybridge, it might be more literal.
For six generations the firstborn sons of the Weybridge viscounts have died in the prime of their lives, wasted away by some mysterious force. Robert is the seventh, and last, of the Weybridge lords. He is determined the curse will die with him. But he never expected his killer to be such sweet temptation…
Ajalon. Temptress. Lover.
For hundreds of years she has yearned. Ached. Hungered for just one thing. Something only a Weybridge lord can give her. Robert is her last hope of rescue from an eternity of howling emptiness. Now she must convince him that life in her arms is worth a little death…



Kat Sheridan is a recovering project manager and business analyst whose hard-bitten persona has always hidden a secret romantic. She likes her stories with a dark and dangerous flavor, so long as the villains are vanquished and true love triumphs in the end. She is inordinately fond of glitter nail polish, shiny things, bourbon, and any comestibles on which frosting can be placed. Kat splits her time between the Midwest in the summer and the South in the winter. Her peripatetic life is shared with her own real-life hero who shows her every day what happily ever after means. Connect to her on Facebook or visit her website