Monday, November 14, 2011


It’s Monday. I’m still debating on whether I want to trade it in on another day, lol!

Saturday was the opening day of deer season here in Missouri so the house was quiet for writing in the mornings while my guys were out hunting. Good thing, too, since I had gotten a bit behind in Nano after the chaos of Friday.

I use Nano to get my mind focused on writing a bit every day. I’m also using it to get a manuscript at least ¾’s of the way done. I’m not in a race to slap any words down for the sake of getting 50,000 words. The editing nightmare of that sort of writing sends me in search for bourbon and a therapist. I did get in about 3500 words this weekend.

While I have an idea of what my story is about and where it will end up, the specifics in between are fluid. I tend to plot as I go and that makes my writing a bit slower at times. There have been some surprises, too. Not really surprising as the characters develop and grow into real personalities. These are not so much tangents, although there have been a few minor ones, as much as realizing the characters wouldn’t naturally do what I first had in mind. I also had an epiphany for the whole structure of the villain and their goals and motivations. They have a something they need to accomplish, if they don’t the loss is great. Makes the story more realistic and villains are something that takes a bit of time for me to develop. I usually have my two main characters clearly in mind and a bad guy—in general terms.

This story is based on a legend and what if’s. The idea for this story came to me last year and I’ve had to do a lot of research, to get my world clear in my head—especially language, culture, the flora and fauna of the region I’ve set my story. Not that I’m using a lot of language but enough to make it realistic. That means also having a glossary of terms. The story has been a lot of fun and an adventure for me. I think my readers will enjoy it as well.

If I get stymied or tired I take a break, go for a walk sit out in the sunshine. I also drink plenty of water and munch on apples—brain food. Actually,the presence of fresh apples in your diet can improve your memory and sustain brain health. Yes, I still drink coffee and I still love chocolate, but I like to slice up apples and munch on them.


  • How’s your writing going? How’s the WIP coming along?

  • Whether or not you’re participating in Nano, or just trying to get your blogs organized and ready for the week—it all involves writing, doesn’t it?

Bloggers, anything special coming up on your blog this week? Guests? Topics? Do share them.