Friday, October 21, 2011


My guest is romance author, Caroline Fyffe. She's writes historical westerns and the McCutcheon Family Series.

Her topic today is about passions that inspire and how they've influenced her stories. 

I’m so happy to be here today at Thoughts OVER COFFEE.  Thank you for the opportunity to talk about my new release, TEXAS TWILIGHT.  I’ve brought along a carafe of La Minita coffee made by Caribou for all to share.  The coffee has a fine, rich, chocolaty, taste--yum.
A little about me…I grew up with horses, so my thinking and my friends in the corral shaped reading preferences.  I loved westerns by Zane Grey, Max Brand and Lois L’amour.  A bit strange for a teenage girl, I know.  Then, after college, I sort of fell into my 20- year-long career of Equine Photography, which has been good to me. So, when I started writing in 1997, is it any wonder that westerns were my choice?

With the help of an incredible and generous critique group, I won a Golden Heart in 1999. I was thrilled!  But I was also spoiled. I wasn’t prepared for the reality of how long—and hard—the road to publication can be.  The manuscript was titled Chasing Jessie, and is now WHERE THE WIND BLOWS, the book that landed me a publishing contract in 2008 with Dorchester Publishing.  MONTANA DAWN, my second manuscript (then titled Montana Sky at Dawn), finaled in the GH in 2007—a good bit after the first.  In between starting and selling, I became a little discouraged and quit writing for a span of four years.  But, finding I was unhappy without it, I went back to it, just for the fun—and the contests, LOL.  Interestingly, it was when I stopped trying so hard that the dream actually happened.
Now, I must admit, the month of October has been a whirlwind for me.  I’m launching my third title, TEXAS TWILIGHT, the sequel to MONTANA DAWN.  If that weren’t enough to keep me jumping between social media, blogs and such, this marks my first foray into self publishing!  So much to do—but, I’m not complaining.  It’s been wonderful so far….

  • Now I’d like to ask your readers if any passion of their childhood formed who they are today?  If so, I’d love to know….

Texas Twilight

Once settled in Rio Wells, Texas, John tries to ignore the fact that his cousin has taken a shine to Lily. When a bounty hunter shows up looking for a priceless jewel that Lily has found stashed away in her aunt's belongings, Lily fears her dreams of owning her own shop--and of finding true love--are about to go up in flames...or, could that just be the glow of a beautiful ... Texas Twilight? Excerpt

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And, in celebration of my launch, I’m offering not only an E-Book of TEXAS TWILIGHT, but also a signed copy of MONTANA DAWN, Book One of the McCutcheon Family series.  Two books, two winners.  Two chances to win! 

Caroline Fyffe grew up in the little town of El Dorado, CA, the youngest of five girls and whose main interest was the family's horses.  An equine photographer for over twenty years now, she has worked throughout the United States and Germany.  Long days in the arenas present plenty of opportunity to dream up all sorts of stories.  Her love of horses and the Old West is the inspiration behind her books.  

Her debut book, WHERE THE WIND BLOWS, was the recipient of the prestigious Romance Writers of America's Golden Heart Award and also the Wisconsin RWA's Write Touch Readers' Award 2010.  MONTANA DAWN was voted BEST WESTERN ROMANCE of 2010 by readers at Loves Western Romances!  

Married for many years, Caroline's most cherished achievements are her two grown sons. 

Caroline's Website (which is cool)

Blog and you can find her on Facebook

Caroline's Equine Photography (Which is WOW!)


Kat Sheridan said...

YAY! It's Caroline! I just downloaded this book and can't wait to read it! My only true childhood passion was words. I couldn't WAIT to go to school. Luckily, my two (much) older sisters taught me to read even before kindergarten because I wanted to know what they were doing with books (their homework, which they shared with me. My one sister taught me basic spanish words by practicing the vocabulary for her class while giving me a bath in the evenings). I've worked a lot of jobs over the years, but my love of reading truly shaped who I am.

Caroline said...

Good morning, Sia! I’m so happy and excited to be here. THANK YOU! ~~~<3

Caroline said...

Hey, Kat--!! Good morning! You’re an early bird, I see. And I’m so happy you are. We share “much older” sisters!” That’s so cool. I had four older, but the oldest were “the twins.” Sherry and Shelly are twelve years older than me, (I’m the baby), and practically ruled the roost—in a totally loving way, of course. LOL

Your sisters sound just as wonderful as mine were growing up, teaching you Spanish and teaching you to read. When we think about it, our siblings are the closest to us in our physical and mental makeup, as well as sharing the same environment. My middle sis, made this wonderful horse book, cutting out pics from magazines, writing little stories and such. It was a big black binder, and was beautiful. I was only about four or five, but I copycatted hers, of course. Mine was ragtag and small, but I loved it. How I wish I had it now. Especially in light of becoming a horse photographer….sigh.

Thanks so much for downloading my book, TEXAS TWILIGHT! I hope you LOVE it!!

PS-Reading rules!

Lisa Cooke said...

Hi Caroline! I can't wait to read your book. I downloaded it the other day as soon as I heard it was released. I love western romances! I wish there were more of them being released.
I guess my the childhood passion that has stuck with me would be my love for all things historical. My parents were social studies teachers and they took me to many historical locations. Now, I live in a Victorian home, filled with antiques (including myself ;-) and I write historical romances.
Congrats on your release!

Caroline said...

LOL—Lisa—you're hardly an antique!! And anyone who knows you knows what I’m talking about. We all wish we could be as antiqueie as YOU!

How fun to have social studies teachers for parents. I’m sure your mind was put to the test at all times. I LOVE old stuff, too. Like old cemeteries and old ghost towns. So much to see and learn. They used to write a bunch on the headstones back then. You really feel like you know who’s in that grave after reading one….

Thanks so much for downloading TEXAS TWILIGHT. I hope you enjoy it. I’m reading AN HEIR TO SPARE right now! I’m just in love with it—and you have such a talent for writing humor. Great job so far! My two critique partners were very happy to hear that it was finally out because they just loved TEXAS HOLD HIM!

You’re a doll to stop by and say hello. I appreciate it….

Have an awesome day!

~Sia McKye~ said...

g'morning! Speaking of antiques, lol! I need to plug in my energizer Bunny, the poor dear isn't even registering a charge. I even yelled at the coffee maker to hurry up with that coffee, dammit. It didn't speed it up, sigh..

To answer your question. Animals have always been a passion of mine. I raise Great Danes, have three horses, and way too many cats. They've all found there way into my writing.

The other passion I've had from childhood on is reading.

~Sia McKye~ said...

Caroline, I'm truly glad you're visiting. I've been looking forward to it for awhile. I read Zane Grey too and Louis--his Sacketts, which I love.

I'm looking forward to reading this series of yours. I love the cover art. It's beautiful. :-)

Caroline said...

Mornin' back atcha, Sia! :)

Three of my sisters have all had Great Danes at one time or another through the years. They are such sweet, compassionate dogs. I know that sounds funny because of their size, but it's true. Great big adorable babies is what they are. And we love them…

Thank you for the cover love. I think Kim Killion did a beautiful job, but then I might be bias!

What breed of horses do you have? How fun!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Nice cover! I've always loved music and play two instruments. Muisc inspires my writing, so I guess that's where it led...

Caroline said...

Hi Alex~~
Thanks so much for dropping by. As I usually do when someone I don't know stops in, I checked out your website. LOL I meet the most interesting people that way...

CASSASTAR looks fabulous. I'll admit I’ve read very little space sf. But, my son, who has read EVERYTHING from Star Wars and Star Trek and beyond—will be happy to hear about a new author. I’ll send him your link.

I love music too, as it moves and inspires me. How sad the world would be without it. Keep playing. I’ve wished many times I’d taken up an instrument at some point.

~Sia McKye~ said...

Caroline, Danes are gentle giants. Not aggressive and I like the fact they maintain their playful spirits. I have one that's 13 and she's still playful.

Dana Fredsti said...

Hi, Caroline, and congrats on the new release, on surviving the Great Dorchester Massacre, and persevering in general, getting back on that writing horse. :-)

I've always loved cats, chocolate and baked goods, and they tend to end up in my work... even my zombie novel (and not as zombie food!). And most of my interests/passions, even those developed later in life, tend to wander in for a guest spot at some point or another...

Caroline said...

Hey, Dana,
Good description about the Dorchester saga. It was hard, but as you say, I moved on—kept writing. It just makes my writer’s journey a little more interesting, I guess...sigh.

Wow, I love your three things too. Cats, chocolate and cake—in any order.(I know you said baked goods, but I have to refine that a little for me.) If anyone ever wondered about the reality of God you just have to look at any, or all of those things, to know He’s real.

Your zombie novel sounds like fun,especially if there is a cat involved. Does the the cat happen to be a zombie?

Caroline said...

Sia, every Dane in our family was gentle also—and playful. I just wish I could tell what they’re thinking when I look into their soulful eyes. It’s like, what’s going on in there? LOL

~Sia McKye~ said...

They're thinking how wonderful their people are, lol!

I used to tease people who would comment on them being as big as a horse--the horses are the ones with the square teeth and the Danes are the ones with the incisors.

Not aggressive but mine will protect.

Jo Wake said...

Me too Sia, reading, reading, reading. I am also into cooking of course but its never been exactly a passion although eating maybe is a passion. I am also something of a fanatic about computers. My first hubby wanted a great dane, he said he wouldn't have to bend down to pat it. LOL

Caroline said...

That’s good to know, Sia. My other sister has a Rhodesian Ridgeback and he is huge, but as sweet as can be. Really love that breed also.

Caroline said...

Hi, Jo, thanks for stopping by. I think reading is winning the vote for what has inspired us then and now. I know I go through spurts of non-stop and then have to take a break. My best writing is always after I finish a book I loved.

Cheers! :)