Friday, September 30, 2011

Darcy and Elizabeth: In A Future World Far Away

My guest is Aussie author, Enid Wilson. 

Enid writes Austen fanfiction but with a sci-fi bent. I’m rather impressed the premise and I have to say I love the plucky Jane in the tale. Darcy, as with the original Pride and Prejudice, thinks for himself. He’s a bit more forthcoming on his opinions and his actions in this futuristic tale.

Enid creates a complete and fun futuristic world, with plenty of romance and hot sex, interplanetary war, and space travel. 

Enid Wilson wrote this story in a somewhat unorthodox method with direct feedback from readers. But I’ll let her tell you all about that. J  

Thank you, Sia for hosting me today.

I’m a tea drinker so I’ve brought along my own Fair Trade tea from Oxfam. I hope the mixed aroma of coffee and tea will keep everyone inspired. Talking about inspiration, it’s my pleasure to introduce you to my latest novel, Every Savage Can Reproduce, a Pride and Prejudice-inspired science fiction.

I started off writing P&P fan fiction in 2007, just as a way to amuse myself in my spare time. I posted the stories in several free online forums and was amazed that many readers loved my crazy stories. A year later, my sister suffered a sudden illness and made me rethink about my life.  Life is too short to waste away (my sister has fully recovered now). So I followed the footsteps of other fellow fan fiction writers and was happy to have several of my stories published.

Every Savage Can Reproduce was written in 2007 as a choose-your-own adventure. It took me four years to complete it.  After each chapter was posted online, I put out a poll for readers to vote and then wrote the next chapter based on the option with most votes. In the published novel which has been revised substantially, I wanted to retain the original ‘interactive’ style and therefore the voting options were also featured.

Here is an adapted excerpt, of Prince Wickham’s televised address to Planet Earth, showing one of the polls at the end of a chapter:

“Our country men and women,I am sorry to bring grievous news to you.

We have received the alarming news that Mr. Darcy has returned to Earth, under mind control by the people of Hartfield, per the instruction of the rebellious Gentry.

He was seen with a vicious clone of Sir Lewis de Bourgh, Queen Immortal Catherine de Bourgh’s dead husband, and with his cousin, the fugitive ex-General Richard Fitzwilliam, his sister, Georgiana Darcy, and his whore, Elizabeth Bennet. Darcy’s friend Charles Bingley and Elizabeth’s eldest sister, Jane Bennet, are both still on the run, but have not been seen with them.

They are a dangerous group of people, and Sir Lewis’s clone has been seen to perform harmful mind control against our soldiers.

In order to protect the good citizens on Earth, the government is willing to grant them leniency if they surrender themselves.

We will give them 10 days, until the 26th of November, to give themselves up. If they do not, the government will have no choice but to execute the following people now in dissident camps in London for aiding and abetting the rebels. They are family members of the fugitives, including former Lord and Lady Matlock, Thomas Bennet, Fanny Bennet, Mary and Catherine Bennet.

Our dear countrymen and women, you are urged to provide information about this dangerous group of people. We will reward those who come forward with useful clues as to their whereabouts.

You are also encouraged to attend the execution, should this be required, to witness the end of an era for the bad elements on Earth.
In this difficult time of struggle, we must be strong for each other.

As you can see, our Queen is still gravely ill. We have spent tremendous manpower and resources in the battle with Hartfield. We hope you will give generous emotional and material support to the army.

After we remove this bad element, our planet will be cleansed, and life will be happy and peaceful again. May the Lord bless you all!”

1) Sir Lewis de Bourgh surrenders to the government
2) Darcy and Elizabeth’s baby creates havocs
3) Charles Bingley’s reappearance thickens the plot

Which way will you vote? Do you like the idea that you can decide how a story will pan out? I sometimes was quite frustrated with the progress of the story because I could never predict what the readers would vote for. But I think that was the fun of it as well.

I’m delighted to give out a pdf copy of Every Savage Can Reproduce and some souvenir from Down Under to a lucky reader of Sia’s blog. It’s open to worldwide readers.Just comment below and contest will end: 

  • State-side,Saturday, October 1st @midnight central time.  
  • For those across the pond, it will be Sunday, October 2nd @ Midnight.

Every Savage Can Reproduce Blurb

In the futuristic society on Planet Earth, Elizabeth Bennet is accused of luring Fitzwilliam Darcy to an illegal establishment, which leads to their exile deep in the centre of a rebel planet. The subsequent galactic war exposes dark secrets regarding the autocratic Queen Immortal. Will Elizabeth and Darcy discover their love for one another and find their way back to Earth?

Set in the 39th Century, this novel is a tale of Pride and Prejudice-inspired science fiction, where Jane Austen’s characters take on new lives but still face the barrier of class distinction and seek to overcome their faults, as in the original classic.

For more information about the book, please visit The book contains explicit adult content. It’s not for the faint-hearted Jane Austen purists.

Thank you again, Sia and happy commenting!!

Enid, it's my pleasure. I'll have the Review up this weekend on Goodreads and Amazon.

Enid Wilson is the author of Chemical Fusion, Fire and Cross, My Darcy Mutates, Really Angelic, Bargain with the Devil and In Quest of Theta Magic. She writes sexy romance in modern, historical, paranormal and science fiction genres. 

Enid's novels have received several top reviews. Bargain with the Devil has been ranked in the top 50 best-selling historical romances on Amazon USA, Really Angelic in the top 30 best-selling Regency romances on Amazon Canada and My Darcy Mutates in the top 21 romantic short stories on Amazon UK, Fire and Cross in the top 30 British detective stories.

Enid loves food, Pride and Prejudice, travel and tennis. She has a Masters degree in Arts. She works in advertising and lives in beautiful Sydney. Sounds too tame? You can read her wild stories at


~Sia McKye~ said...

Enid, Welcome to Over Coffee as a guest. I know you've been here many times as a commenter.

I'll be the first to say that Austen fanfiction is not my favorite read, but I do love Sci-fi and a different approach to the an old theme.

Your story was both fun and refreshing to read. I really liked it and the hidden depths of character that Austen only hinted at but you showed in action. It was fun seeing names I recognized but within a different setting!

Glad you brought your Fair Trade tea. I've been sadly remiss in my tea selection. I'll have to stock that here at the virtual coffee bar. :-)

~Sia McKye~ said...

If anyone has problems posting a comment, try anonymous if that doesn't work, send me you comment in email: and I'll post it on the blog for you with your name or link (if provided).

Comments seem to be working fine, but you never know how capricious the blog gods may be on any given day. :-)

Enid Wilson said...

Thanks Sia for hosting me, isn't it very late at your end? No wonder you need abundance of coffee! It's good that you like sci-fi. I find that not a lot of my friends like this genre. Perhaps they're afraid of aliens with green vomit...

~Sia McKye~ said...

Enid, it's 12:30 am here in Missouri. You're a day ahead, I believe, or pretty darn close.

I've always loved Sci-fi. The cool thing about today is we can also get sci-fi with romance--which ticks off the hardcore sci-fi fans, lol! Oh well.

I'm heading off to bed on this end. I'll check in about 8 hrs from now.

Hearty welcome to those readers from Europe and Australia and don't forget to tweet and facebook your friends over there. That way we get lots of Aussies too. Can't have it all just us Yanks, lolol!

Tonya Kappes said...

Hi, Enid! I would sooooo pick number three! Anything to thicken and make a plot stronger, for me as a reader, is a plus. It sounds like a fantastic novel! Thanks so much for sharing it today and CHEERS with your tea while I drink a big ole cup of coffee;)

Welcome all the readers abroad!!

Enid Wilson said...

Thanks Tonya, I won't reveal what option got picked, so some readers may be tempted to read the book. It seem I'm the only tea drinker here. Do blame the Brits, as you know, Oz is still related to them.

Talli Roland said...

I'm going to go for B - I loves babies that cause havoc, ha! What an interesting blurb!

Jo said...

Sorry, I'm a Brit and rarely touch tea. Love coffee. Hubby doesn't drink either. I find Canadians drink more tea than I ever remember Brits doing.

Sia, re commenting, can do so on laptop not desktop?????

~Sia McKye~ said...

I'haven't a clue as to why Jo but at least the comment function is working. Thanks for stopping by m'dear!

~Sia McKye~ said...

Enid, the cover is gorgeous.

As to tea, I drink a lot of plain iced tea in summer but I like a pot of tea now and then in the winter curled up in a comfy chair with a good book. My husband drinks a couple of cups of tea every morning. He likes Irish breakfast tea.

Enid Wilson said...

Talli, the unborn baby in the book can talk, so he's a rather troublesome kid. Haha, Jo, I can't blame you then. Sia, I've only tried expresso in Italy and it was yuck, very bitter.

VA said...

I have to say I'm amazed at an author who makes this pick the next chapter premise work. I guess you get some control by suggesting the options, but talk about unexpected trajectories.

So how much did you control Enid? Or rather how much of a Mr. Toad's Wild Ride did this turn out to be?

Enid Wilson said...

VA, it's quite a wild ride because even the night before a poll closed, one option could be leading and the next morning, another option would win. So what I dreamed of how to write the next chapter had to be thrown out of the window. That's why it had taken me so long to complete the story (together with family commitment and writer's block, I feel bad to lead the readers on for so long, but it's completed, finally).

Anonymous said...

I loved this that's's as if the fan's write the story! Cool!

Sia, I'll try your suggestion about getting this posted...guess I'm not the only one having a hard time posting hum...wonder what's up with blogger?

I enjoyed this article!
Big hugs

Anonymous said...

THAT WORKED!!!! Posting as anonymous!!!! WooHOO!

THANK YOU DARLIN'...these past few days I've been sooooooo frustrated...I've been posting and posting and it never took!

Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Enid Wilson said...

Hi Hawk, thanks for commenting and good that blogger finally works for you. Perhaps I bring you good luck. *wink*

Laila Knight said...

What an intriguing story. I love anything to do with time travel. And the cover is lovely. I'm a sucker for the tenderness of the man kissing the baby belly. :) How exciting that the baby can talk. I love that.

Enid Wilson said...

Thanks Laila, it's not a time travel but a dimensional travel instead. But talking baby, hehe, I'm sure the parents will disagree.