Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday Musings: Spring Is Springing

Apple blossoms from one of my trees
 Ah, spring is springing here in Missouri.

Snow is gone. Thank you God. But as the flowers and long days increase so do ranch responsibilities.

Spring is renewal for me. The long winter and being confined to my house unless there is a four wheeled vehicle or a horse and sled, has been bleck and then being sick enough to have to go to the hospital, has made the longing for spring that much more intense.

Spring brings all sorts of things beside my daffodils opening and bird song. It also brings chores out the ying-yang, since all the snow and ice wrecked havoc with several things here on the ranch. Seeing as I now can move without coughing up a lung and few toenails, there are chores to be done.

On Friday, we had in a huge dump truck with a load of gravel for our mud bog, otherwise known as our driveway. Now normally, these guys can spread gravel two inches thick without any trouble. But wait, this my house. So I do have gravel and I also have places where it’s eight inches thick and not two. So now we’re talking spreading by hand and using buckets to even a dump load where it needs to be. I’m not quite well enough to haul five gallon buckets hither and yon but I can fill them while watching my guys do the hauling and sweating in almost seventy-degree weather. By the end of Friday afternoon the driveway looked much better and will have to do until the neighbor can come down with his tractor and blade to thin and smooth it more.

I have no idea what happened to the gravel that had been dropped here three years ago. I think it’s a case of paranormal activity. See, my theory is most of it was swallowed by an underground monster so it can produce what Missouri is good at growing—chunks of rocks. Lots of them, which makes projects such as putting in a new tree, shrubs, roses, or a flower garden is a major thing. Not to mention having enough rocks to use as a rock border around whatever you’re putting in when you’re finished.

Back of my house from the pasture and the whole fence line needs replacing.

Did I mention the need to redo two hundred feet of fencing that separates the back yard from the pasture? And a hundred feet (that’s the short side) of one the Great Danes running pens. Sigh. Then there is the drive through gate (which you can't see in the above picture) that has been wired shut and I think there is a bit bubble gum and lots of prayer holding part of the fence up right there. One of my horses decided to rub her big old rear against the pole the gate closed against and snapped it two and took down part of the fence. Since the ground was frozen, we had lots of fun driving in a T poles to hold the fence in place until spring. There are times having a strong teen son are a blessing. At least from MY point of view—I think his is a bit different. Lol!

New fencing material will be delivered next week. I’m going to have a cookout and invite my nephew in law up to help my son and I put in the fence. They can do the pole pounding while his wife and I clear the garden areas and set in a few new flowering shrubs so I don’t have to worry about annuals being planted in those areas. The knees just don’t do well when I have to pull weeds and the cats refuse to do it and while my house Dane loves to dig, she also tends to remove the flowers, and the horses? *Snort, they just eat them. What’s a girl to do? I’m all for simple and pretty this year.

My front yard oak-2 years ago.
I also have a huge oak tree in the front yard that has to be at least a hundred years old and is about four-five feet round at the base. I have a raised rock garden surrounding it filled with tulips and daffodils for the spring and Hostas and shade loving perennials when it’s full of leaves in the summer. Due to surgery, I haven’t done anything with that area for two years. We need to add another layer of large rocks to return it to its two-foot high glory and add more soil before the Hostas and shade flowers start growing. So the kid and I are going rock hunting. They’re usually found on the side of the gravel county road we live on. Trust me, within two miles of the house we will be able to collect all the large rocks we need.

We’re putting in new water tanks for the horses and Danes, a new water line to fill them easier in the winter along with deicers so I don’t have to carry water by buckets and break the ice. I’m so over that winter chore, lol! And there will be new feeders. So this coming winter should be much easier on me. I like that.

That’s just part of the list of outside chores needing to be done around here as spring unfolds here in Missouri. Don’t get me started on the list for the inside or writing projects in need of completion, lol!

Right now, I'm dealing with lots of rain and my pond is
 But it’s all-good. At least we will be having lots of sunny days and mild temps between the spring rainstorms.

  • What kind of projects do you have earmarked for the spring? Writing or otherwise. 

Be sure to check back Wednesday when I’ll be having the Gears—Michael and Kathleen O’Neal visiting with their new Dawn People series. Some other upcoming guests:  I have a couple of different thriller/suspense writers, Stacy Netzel, Joel Goldman, then there is para romance author Linda Wisdom and erotic romance author Olivia Cunning and a few more.


Tonya Kappes said...

Beautiful land, Sia! What a great place to write. I'm so happy to see tulip buds in our mulch beds:) Spring is springing!!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Thanks for reminding me I need to work on the fence this spring...

Jo said...

Phew, I'm worn out just reading your chore list. Makes me so glad I live in an apartment where I can, one day, lean over our balcony and watch the trees leaf and flower to welcome spring. Not yet awhile though, its too busy snowing still. We had another dollop over the weekend. I envy you having spring already, but not what that means you have to do.

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Our pear tree is blooming and flowers are appearing! Ready for spring, as I've spent the past three months freezing.

Kat Sheridan said...

Glad you're feeling better, and WHAT a list of chores you have! And oh, how I miss spring! I'm getting antsy to head north and hope I don't miss the spring blooms! My only to-do for this spring is to keep pecking away at this pesky WIP.

James Rafferty said...

Hi Sia. I had to laugh on your comment about Missouri being good at growing rocks. We have that in New England as well, where the rocks are always where you're thinking of digging.

Where I live, the snow is melting and every yard has broken pine boughs and branches which fell during winter storms and then got buried a couple feet of snow. Lots of spring cleanup ahead, but we're starting to see grass appear in islands on the front lawn. Daffodils, crocuses and more rocks are on the way -- signs of the nascent spring.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Sia .. glad the Spring is springing .. sounds like a rough patch is behind you .. hope the coming months will get easier .. and your plan comes together to get the land sorted out before next winter. It looks beautiful! Cheers Hilary

VA said...

I once planted a thousand narcissus bulbs in the autumn digging through shale. No soil, just rock. As far as chores, I don't even want to think about it. I'm pretty sure the termites have been nibbling away at the house and I need to replace a beam or two, sigh...

Writing? What's this of which you speak?

Jenyfer Matthews said...

I just posted some pictures of the town where I'm staying in Ohio on my blog - saw some crocus today. Surely that means spring is coming?

Your land is lovely and it must be very satisfying to tick all your "to-dos" off the list one by one.

What with my mother dying in November, the holiday craziness in December, and then the Egyptian revolution and our evacuation in January, I haven't written a think in months. That is my major "TO DO" this spring.

aries18 said...

Love your place Sia. And your to-do list. Mine is almost as ambitious. I have huge rhodie trees (bushed as tall as tees) to clear of blackberry vines, a nice park-like area for my birds to scratch at with some cute signs on it, a very small veggie garden to begin and well, that's about it.

My writing to-do list is to transcribe all my very old scribblings into the PC. I can' believe how many stories I've started and then left to .... um... age. Also I'm working on my current WIP. That should be more than enough for me.