Monday, May 24, 2010

Just Another Manic Monday

I have to admit, usually Mondays are calm in my house. Everyone is either off to work or school and the house is mine, mine I say. And quiet. Today, not so much.

Today just tops off a rather manic week dealing with all sorts of fires including my son having surgery last Monday to remove tonsils as big as Texas. Nothing like having your kid famous for tonsils. Let me tell you, tonsillectomies are a simple procedure in the normal course of events and if the patient is 10 or under. At 15 or older? Not so much. Then you add the fact that most guys turn into little kids when they're sick. Or in this case, a toddler. A beleaguered mom has to bridge that fine line of sympathy and tough love. She is also reduced to pulling out a pacifier and disposable diaper (I keep a supply on hand for my grand nieces) when the whining becomes too much. But, by golly, it sure gets the point across in a very tangible way, lol!

All this has been going on as I do a mad scramble, after attending Romance Times Convention, booking authors for the blog for June and July. I'm still scrambling. But I do have some good guests coming up. On Wednesday I have Christie Craig, SHUT UP AND KISS ME. A fun book I really enjoyed reading.

Today, a week after surgery, was suppose to be calm. Ha! Teach me to think. I have a bleeding throat and a scared kid to content with. Have I mentioned I have the utmost respect for nurses? You don't get paid nearly enough and there should be a halo given for patience and maintaining a caring attitude despite cranky and hurting patients. Ah well, this too shall pass. :-)

I have some goodies to hand out. Namely winners of books. Yay. Winners are always fun and I have some great books to hand out to the following:

Francis Ray, IT HAD TO BE YOU:
  • Leann Stewart

Cindy Gerard, RISK NO SECRETS:

  • Lisa, (Modokker)

Brenda Jackson, HIDDEN PLEASURES (5 copies):

  • Melissa Bradley
  • Angewolfstorm
  • Terry's Crafty Fingers
  • LadySilver
  • LaTiscia


  • Annette Fitgearald


  • Vivian Archer

  • Allyson Rueban

  • Sunsinger
  • Barbara Croy

Congratulations to the winners! Be sure to contact me, with your physical address so we can get your books out to you.

Have a great week everyone!

Meanwhile, if you'll excuse me I'm just gonna.....


~Sia McKye~ said...

Congratulations to the Winners!

I have plenty of coffee and a IV if you need it. lolol!

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Husbands can revert to children when sick as well!

SueO said...

Sigh...I never win these things.

Would a bribe of chocolate be at all effective? :)

Good luck surviving Manic Monday, Sia. Tuesday is almost here.

Olivia Cunning said...

Sorry about your manic Monday, Sia. I hope the kid recovers quickly. For both your sakes. Does not sound like fun. At all.

As far as Mondays go, I had car woes myself this morning. Car would not start. This is when I briefly considered that I need a boyfriend. Me and car troubles do not mix. Let someone else deal with it. But all fixed now. Just a dead battery. Good thing. I was ready to just go trade the car in for a new one. That's what I did when my brakes went bad on the last one. :-)

And, alas, I am not a winner of a fabulous prize.

Mason Canyon said...

Wow, you definitely need some downtime to yourself. Hope the week starts smoothly out for you. Looking forward to Wednesday's author.

Congratulations to all the winners.

Thoughts in Progress

Conda V. Douglas said...

I haven't commented for a while because my life has been--not quite as frantic as yours, Sia! But that tonsil problem--I have a 45 year-old-friend who just had hers removed, major surgery by that age. Makes me glad mine were gone by seven!

tonya kappes said...

Yuck Sia!! I had mine removed when I was 28! Talk about painful. I'd give birth 20 more times comopared to it.

Alyson Reuben said...

Ooh, I won a book! Thanks so much, Sia!

Hope your son feels better soon. I've never had my tonsils out. But I remember when I was 16 and had an emergency appendectomy. My mom took care of me after I came home from the hospital. Waited on me hand and foot. Today, I can't remember what the actual pain and discomfort felt like. What I CAN remember is Mom's love and attention. So your son will remember how much you've nursed him long after he heals up.

Oh, and for what it's worth, I really believe that women have a much higher pain tolerance than men. How many of us revert back to a toddler when we're in pain? lol

Judi Fennell said...

Hugs to Jake, and hugs to you, too!!!

Kat Sheridan said...

Sia, WHAT a week! No thanks, I'm not gonna trade you! Hope the kiddo is better today! And congrats to all the winners!

VA said...

Yay for me! I admit having Lydia Dare on my radar, but I hadn't made the commit yet. Very excited, as I am a serial reader, will read everything an author writes until you change the rules of the covenant!

Kisses to Jake, hope that bleeding thing looks worse than it sounds. Moms are under-rated, you are a wonder Sia. Wishing you a bliss-filled, peace-loving cup of tea.

~Sia McKye~ said...

Sue, sorry darlin' not my fault, blame the number generator. And let me tell you, when it's a book I really want, and my name comes up for the number? It's hard to be a good girl and draw another name, lol!

~Sia McKye~ said...

Well, now that Jake and I roosted in the doctors little patient room, blood work done and he'll live aside from a little oozing now and then as those scaps come off the craters where his tonsils were. I'm kicking back in my recliner. I plan on watching Avatar, sip some tea and relax.

Relax...mmm...I vaguely recall that sensation.

I think.

~Sia McKye~ said...

Viv, when your name came up and I saw it was for Lydia Dare, I knew you'd be happy. :-D

Sheila Deeth said...

Congratulations winners. You need to sleep. (The cat looks comfortable.)

Sue O'Shields said...

LOL, Sia! You're a good person to still have a sense of humor after a time like you've had!

I will pass along your compliments to my husband who is a nurse. He likes to hear that he's appreciated. :)

~Sia McKye~ said...

Sue, they're saints, I tell yah!