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Legend Of The White Wolf, Terry Spear--REVIEW

Legend of the White Wolf

By: Terry Spear

Werewolf Series, Book 4
Sourcebooks, Inc

Mass Market
Price: $6.99

Publication Date: February 2010

  • His Wild Side Comes Out With a Vengeance…

    Is She The Hunter Or The Hunted…

In this fourth in Spear's werewolf series, Private Eye Cameron MacPherson and forensic scientist Faith O'Malley are both on quests that lead them into the world of magical wolves, mystery and murder.

Cameron arrives in wintry Maine to search for his partners in his P.I. business who are late returning from a hunting trip, and runs into Faith, there to locate her ex-boyfriend who stole her father’s research. But Cameron and Faith instantly are attracted to one another and keeping their business on a strictly professional level doesn't have a snowball's chance of succeeding in a toasty fire-warmed cabin, the couple snowbound and the setting perfect for an unplanned tryst.Together, the two tumble into an icy world of mayhem where myth, legend, and reality merge, changing their lives forever.

"The vulpine couple's chemistry crackles off the page, but the real strength of the book lies in Spear's depiction of pack power dynamics, as well as in the details of human-wolf interaction."

Publishers Weekly

Arctic Wolf in Full Winter White

My thoughts:

Anyone who knows me, knows I love animals. God knows, I have enough of them, including the privilege of having had Micah, a grey wolf, from pup to death (12 years). My favorite animal is the Wolf and the Cougar. My mother says I always told wolf stories and my favorite one was where I could drink a magic potion and become one.

So, when I had the chance to review Terry Spear's Legend Of The White Wolf, I jumped at the chance. One of the main reasons is I know Terry makes it a point to accurately portray wolf behavior. I've read many of the articles she's written about her research. This is not an easy task when writing werewolves. It's all too easy to fall into what everyone else has done rather than make your own world. Terry makes a very believable world and her wolves and the pack dynamics are very accurate.

I hadn't had the chance to read the other books in her series although they were on my To Be Read list. I came in on this series with her fourth book. No worries as it stands alone. There some reoccurring characters, but Terry skillfully introduces them so you know who they are without scratching your head and going, huh?

Terry captured my interest in the first page and I read this book in one sitting. She writes a Romance with a real bite to it and it is a fast paced, exciting story with a hefty dose of action, suspense and mystery. You have disappearing people, murder, kidnapping, questions as to who's behind it all. Is it the wolves or a strange group of so-called hunters? What's with Cameron's missing friends and Faith's faithless boyfriend? Who's chasing Faith on snowmobiles the hunters or the pack and why?

What's different about this book is one, the Wolf pack doesn't hide in this story but lives in the open among the community. There are some who have no real idea of who or what they are, but many do, including some of the local Indians. Two, both the hero and the heroine are fully human when they begin this adventure. Both tough and skilled in their respective fields. They each have their own agenda and it leads them straight into the world of Mythical creatures with consequences that will change them both forever.

I liked both Cameron and Faith. The sparks between them are fun and build expectation for the romance. Some secondary characters I really liked was Gavin, Cameron's partner and Leidoff (Oh yah, I'm looking forward to his story, yum).

Legend is well written and kept me turning the page. Terry writes hot sex (get out your fans, ladies because you’ll need one) and gives a satisfying ending.

Simply put:
  • I loved the book and it's one that will be sitting in my personal library and soon joined by the rest of the series.

I have two copies of Legend to give out to commenters today. It's well worth the commenting to receive one!


As soon as she reached her room, she struggled to get the key card to work, then gave the door a shove. The room was dark and cold. She fumbled for the light switch, but when she turned on the lamps, the bedcover wasn’t pulled back from the pillow, nor was a gold foil-covered chocolate waiting for her either. And of course the ice bucket was perfectly empty. She wondered if Cameron got the special treatment because he was a big tipper, or just an incredibly smooth-talking hunk.

She sighed and rolled her bag next to the bed, then headed back for the door. She might as well get this over with before she finally settled down for the night.

Glancing at her watch, she hadn’t realized how late it was already. Probably too late to order anything from the kitchen. But if she ate at this hour, the food would most likely just sit like a lump in her stomach when she went to bed anyway. She knocked on Cameron MacPherson’s door.

While waiting for him, she closed her eyes and yawned. Man, she was ready to skip the shower and just collapse in bed.

The door squeaked opened. Wearing only a pair of stone-washed jeans that looked incredibly soft, no shirt, and his feet bare, Cameron smiled, but he hadn’t brought her parka to the door. He looked every bit as sexy as when he was wearing only a towel.

“Are you sure you don’t want to have a bite with me?” He motioned to the tray on the table.

The old werewolf movie with Jack Nicholson was playing on the television, and by the sound of the growling, she envisioned he had shapeshifted and was fighting the bad wolf, if she recalled the movie correctly.

She gave Cameron a tired smile. “Under other circumstances, maybe. I left my parka here?”

“You look like you could use a meal and the kitchen’s closed by now.” His voice, deep and pleasing, sent little chills of expectation through her.

But she resisted the temptation and held out her hand for her coat. “Thanks, but I’m fine.”

He retrieved her coat and gave it to her, his hand brushing hers in a sensuous way, which made her skin heat again. She thought he looked a little wistful that she’d stay and keep him company, but she figured if she did, she would melt right under whatever spell he seemed to cast over her. It wasn’t like her to be that attracted to a guy she’d just met. She glanced down at his hand, no wedding ring. When her gaze returned to his, he was smiling broadly.

Usually a lot less obvious than that when she was scrutinizing a man’s marital status, although he might be married and just not wear a wedding ring, she felt her skin heat even more. “Thanks,” she quickly said before she made any more of a fool of herself, turned around, and left his room. But as soon as she reached her door and slipped her hand in her jeans pocket, she realized she didn’t have the key.

Terry Spear is an award-winning author of urban fantasy and medieval historicals. She also writes true-life stories for both teen and adult audiences. She is the author of Winning the Highlander’s Heart and The Vampire in My Dreams (young adult). Spear lives in Crawford, Texas.

A retired lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army Reserves, Terry Spear has an MBA from Monmouth College. She originally hails from the West Coast but now makes her home deep in the heart of Texas.

You can find Terry at the following places: Terry Spear's Website

Wickedly Romantic Blog

Casablanca Authors Blog

Fierce Romance Blog


Shifter Romance Blog


~Sia McKye~ said...

What a wonderful book Terry. Can't wait for Leidoff's story. :-)

Netti said...

I am so addicted to this series. I started mid-series as well Sia, I'm thinking book 3... I've now read them all and am impatiently waiting for the next one to pub :D you *must* read the rest. So. Freakin'. GOOD! ;)

Terry Spear/Terry Lee Wilde said...

Oh, wow, Sia, thanks so much!!! :) You made my whole week!!! Leidolf is coming!! Ahem, in more ways than one. :) Hey,it's hump day, right??? When you mentioned you had Great Danes, I wanted to visit. I just saw someone's Great Dane has surpassed the World's Guinness record for biggest dog. I usually don't have pets in my story, because there are just so many wolves, you know, but in Taming the Highland Wolf, I have Irish Wolfhounds. Yes, an unusual dog for a wolf pack, but that's what makes it fun! Thanks again, Sia! I'm thrilled you loved Legend of the White Wolf, and glad you're looking forward to Leidolf's story coming in August in Seduced by the Wolf. But who is seducing whom??? :) And Gavin...hmm, I'll have to put on my thinking cap. I love it when readers love a character and want to see more of them! The more interest, the better chance for me to sell the story to my editor!!! :)

You'll have to tell me the story of your Micah, also! How did you come by having a gray wolf? Details!! Details! :)

Thanks again, Sia. It's cold and icy out and when I go to work, all I'll think about is your wonderful posting and won't be thinking about slip-sliding to work!

Netti--woohoo, I LOVED your comments and wow, I couldn't have been more thrilled! Whenever I get comments like these, it gives me that extra drive to write faster! LOL In Seduced by the Wolf, poor Leidolf is not only dealing with that loser hunter from Legend of the White Wolf, but an abused wolf pack, and now he spies the female of his dreams and she doesn't want him? Well, not that she doesn't want him. How can anyone NOT want Leidolf? But she really just can't settle down, not with her history. So just how much more can a poor guy take??? Thanks again, Netti! I LOVED your comments! I'm riding on Cloud 9, and don't want to ever come down! :) Thanks!!!

Olivia Cunning said...

Sounds like a great book! I know Sia has great taste, so I'll have to add it to my to-be-read list.

I love wolves. I wrote a wolf romance of my own (that has yet to be published), but I had the greatest time depicting the wolf mannerism when the shape-shifters were in their human form. They did a piss-poor job of trying to fit in with regular humans. It kept me thoroughly entertained and the heroine thoroughly confused.

I love cougars, too, Sia. Of the animal sort. Not of the older woman seducing younger men variety, but hey, I've got no problem with that either. ;-)

~Sia McKye~ said...

You're Welcome Terry. I call it as I see it and when I enjoy a story you know it.

There are a lot of good stories out there and I've read many, but not all of them go in my library. One of the criteria is can I read it again? Is it a world I'd want to go visit again or is it just a nice place to visit--like a quick vacation or a day trip.

Yours is a world I would enjoy visiting more than once.

Be careful out there, ma'am!

~Sia McKye~ said...

Olivia, I loved your Wolf Huntress! Maybe after your Sinner Series gets established in the world of publishing, we can see it in print too. I love the cover of Backstage Pass. Can't wait to review it!

I love cougars too. I hadn't heard of older women preying on young men quite in those terms before, lol! Learn something new everyday.

~Sia McKye~ said...



Micah: I got him when we lived Northern California. (We got there via the US Navy) Anyway, I was up in Eureka meeting with a client and a woman came into my office with this little pup she had just gotten. I asked and she told me whom she had gotten it from.

I went to visit them, picked out Micah, brought him home as a 6 week old pup. I had a friend who owned High Chaparral, she trained security dogs and had a couple of wolves herself--she'd rescued them. (I had other friends that had wolf packs and two of them also had Cougars) And so started the vigorous training of an alpha male.

He was very well behaved; I crated him at night and had a large pen outside for daytime and when I wasn’t home. He went everywhere with me. I had a Vet who was willing to, uh, bend the rules, and did all his inoculations.

At five months old, when we were on the county walking path (they pulled up the railroad ties and paved it) a guy came out from under one of the bridges. Not unusual as many would go off the path d own to the stream. This guy was different. Micah, as young as he was, went into protection mode. Hair raised and a growl that not only surprised me but raised the hair on my neck. Deadly and scary. Sheesh. There’s a bit more to that story, suffice to say, the guy moved off. But still, 5 months old.

My son was born when Micah was two. I had some concerns, was cautious, but Micah accepted him as a *pup* and was both protective of Jake and playful. Micah was fabulous with cats and the chickens—so long as they didn’t unexpectedly fly by his face, lol!

He was a sweetheart and my faithful companion, protective of Jake and I—the stories I could tell. I miss him still, even after 6 yrs.

Mason Canyon said...

Sia, I love learning about Micah. He sounds like he was a fabulous companion. It's hard not to miss him as our animals become a part of your family.

I've only read one book in Terry's werewolf series so far, but I'm hooked now. The stories are wonderful and drawn in to believe werewolves could exist among us. An added bonus to the series is the fact you don't have to read them in order, but after reading one you'll want the rest. Great review.

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

Hi Sia and Terry!

What a wonderful review! I can't wait to read this latest addition to Terry's series, and am always impressed with her knowledge of wolves and how she incorporates it into her books.

Cameron sounds YUMMY and ya gotta love a gal with a name as Irish as Faith O'Malley. ;-)


~Sia McKye~ said...

Hey,Aunty Cindy. Hugs to you today. Terry has a great knowledge base of wolves. I also loved the name Faith O'Malley--just rolls off your tongue, doesn't it?

~Sia McKye~ said...

Mason, I think Terry's books are like Lays potatoe chips, you can't read just one, lol!

Micah was a special boy. Except around flying chickens. Never saw a head move so fast to snatch them. Most of them survived, but there were those 3 or 4...

stephanie said...

I love Terry's books, and the fact that she takes time out of her, surrely, busy days to talk to her readers. She talked to me on face book a few days ago about her books,and characters that I like. She is a kind and talent person.

s7anna said...

All of Terry's books are on my wishlist for my B-Day (apr 7) so if I win a copy that's one less I'll have to buy which would be a huge help to my please count me in for the giveaway!

Happy Reading
Anna Shah Hoque

Terry Spear/Terry Lee Wilde said...

Okay, just got off work, couldn't get connected during my lunch hour, so I feel like the Mad Hatter, I'm late, I'm late, I'm late! :)

Thanks, Olivia! I agree Sia has great taste in books, if I do say so myself!!! LOL :)And Sia, thanks so much! I do appreciate it.

About Micah, how fascinating! I had the sweetest yellow Lab who wouldn't hurt a baby bird. She gently brought one to us to take care of when it fell from its nest. But once, when this guy named Bear came to see us, he was a recovering drug addict and said he knew some people a film was made of in the Arkansas wilderness who murdered people, and boy, did our Lab growl at him. She absolutely loved everyone, but that guy, no. They have a sixth sense, can smell danger. I couldn't wait until he had left the house! :)

Hey, Mason, you've only read one of my books? One??? LOL :) Hope you get a chance to get some more!!! :) And love them too! I loved your review of the book also! :)

AC, thanks so much for dropping by and loved your comments!!! I have a whole lot of Irishmen in the family tree also!!! Besides Scots. So though it seems I have an awful lot of Scots' names popping up in my books of late, Faith O'Malley had to represent the Irish contingency! :) I even have a French family name for Seduced by the Wolf, where Roux means red, and is actually my mother's grandfather's name. So perfect for a red wolf, don't you think?

LOL, Sia, about the chickens and Micah. Well, I mean, if they're going to fly in front of him, how can he help the natural hunting instinct? When we had a toy poodle, she went after ducks in a pond. In a pond. Yep. She didn't realize she couldn't walk on water until she was dog paddling several feet into the lake, then turning around really fast, skipping the duck dinner, and heading back into shore. :) She did NOT like swimming! :) (Even though poodles were known to be water dogs...she missed that instinct when they were handing them out!)

Ah, thanks so much, Stephanie! You and others who write to me, are the ones that make my days so special. When I write about the characters, they become real and I love it when readers fall in love with them too and want to see more of them. I have no one else to talk to about them. LOL So I'm delighted to hear from fans anytime! Thanks so much!!!

s7anna...your birthday is getting closer, and closer! :) Good luck on a win!

Good luck to everyone who comments, and thanks so much for sharing your Micah with us, Sia! :)

~Sia McKye~ said...

Oh, I hear you Terry. The last couple of days have convinced me that I somehow fell into the mad hatter's world, sheesh.

Put your feet up and enjoy the quiet time.:-)

VA said...

Gotta say I have just picked up this thing for shapeshifter novels, so your recommendation comes at a perfect time Sia.

Terry you definitely set a delicious tone in that brief excerpt. :) Sounds more than tempting. There is something soo...entrancing about the alpha male.

Terry Spear/Terry Lee Wilde said...

Thanks, VA!!! Yes, alpha wolfish guys are all the rage. I'm ready to have a whole pack of them! :)

Elle J Rossi said...


This type of book is right up my alley! Especially since I love a series. I've decided to start with book one. Can't wait!

Terry Spear/Terry Lee Wilde said...

Thanks so much, Elle! :)Enjoy!! Hope everyone has a terrific Thursday!!! And, Sia, that you and I are out of the rabbit's hole today! Oh, and btw, very handsome brother in the kilt! :) He's dressed just perfectly--some Scottish kilt wearers are kind of like the blog I did on people wearing shorts and jackets when it's snowing out, some outfits don't look quite right. :) But he is perfection!

Kat Sheridan said...

Hi Terry! Oooo, but this sounds sexy and intriguing! Sia, what a great review, and Terry, what an fabulous excerpt! I think wolves are so much hotter than vamps. I really have to stop dropping by here. My TBR shelf is already groaning, and now I seriously want to add this one as well! Wishing you all sorts of success with this!

Terry Spear/Terry Lee Wilde said...

Hi Kat! Thanks so much! :) Wolves are very hot! And being alpha like they are, they definitely want to be the top of the heap! LOL :) Thanks for commenting!

~Sia McKye~ said...

Terry, my brothers Daniel, Michael, and Roland all looked fab in kilts when we were doing competition Pipe band with the scot games. This is a more formal outfit and my brothers prided themselves on having it right. Besides, it's points off if it isn't.

Having said that, I will add that kilts are worn in the heart of winter too. But there is a heavy wool for winter kilts and *socks*. I guess it's no different than women wearing dresses in the winter. *shrugging.

Terry, Thank you so much for being on my blog. One of the things I do appreciate about you is how you interact with your fans, as Stephanie mentions.

Terry Spear/Terry Lee Wilde said...

Oh, wow, you have 3 brothers like that? Lucky wolf you. :) It truly is great! The kilts are fine in winter, made of wool, and the same with the knee high socks. Perfect! :)

Thanks for having me, Sia! It's been a lot of fun visiting and I look forward to coming back later!! :) Thanks again!

GABixler said...

This is a great blog entry, especially the fab pics of the wolves...thanks so much for posting notice at Facebook's Reviewers Roundup!

Terry Spear/Terry Lee Wilde said...

Thanks, Gabixler!