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My guest is historical paranormal author, Tammy Falkner. Her topic is incorporating situations from real life into our fiction. I do remember this incident and laughing my head off. 
I do keep a file of the weird and the strange which happens around the McKye homestead and yes, a few have found their way into a story. A case of truth being stranger than fiction. 

Some authors deny that their books mirror their real lives in any way, but I’m going to make a confession to you guys today. 

There’s a scene in THE MAGIC OF “I DO” that’s based on something that happened in real life.  On August 12th, 2012, I made a post on Facebook about an awful encounter I had with an insect.  It follows:

The responses from my Facebook friends were nearly unanimous: “You need to use that in a book, because that’s hilarious.”  So, I did.  If you've read THE MAGIC OF “I DO” then you know what scene it is.  It leads to a proposal.  If you haven’t read it, you’re missing out, because the scene is somewhat similar, although there’s a hero involved in the scene in the book, along with the grabbing of the heroine’s breast, and I didn't have a hero at my disposal or anyone’s hand down my shirt at the moment when it happened to me. I had a deaf, blind border collie who was wondering why I was dancing all around with a bug as it migrated from my hair to down my shirt.

Sometimes fiction does mimic real life!  I’m living proof!

Here’s the scene from the book:

“Are you all right?” Finn asked. “You’re not delirious, are you?” 
If she was, it was because of him, not because of the Earl of Mayden. “I’m perfectly fine, aside from a little bit of pain in my hand. Stop fretting.” 
Just then, a bug buzzed by her ear. She swatted at it. It bounced off her hand and then landed on the bodice of her dress. “Finn,” she warned. 
She pointed toward the bug, which was as big as Finn’s watch fob. “There’s a bug on me.”
Finn’s eyes met hers, and they were full of amusement. “It’s just a little, tiny bug,” he chided. “It won’t eat much.” 
“Finn,” she warned. Claire had a healthy respect for bugs, but bugs did not like faeries. They resided with mutual respect most days, but this one was crossing the line by actually landing on her person. 
“Hold on, I’ll get it.” Finn took aim with his fingers the way one might with a billiard cue, preparing to thump it away. But right when Finn flicked it, it jumped. Claire heaved a sigh of relief. At least it was gone. 
Then buzzing began in her hair. “Claire,” Finn warned, reaching for her hair. “Be still,” he warned. But Claire was already flipping over, trying to shake the beast out of her curls. “Claire, stop,” he cajoled. “If you’ll be still, I’ll get it.” 
But Claire couldn't be still. A creature with at least six legs was burrowing in her hair, and it wasn't happy at all with its location, if the amount of noise it was making was any indication. 
Pins from Claire’s hair flew in every direction as she tried to dislodge the beast. Finally, Finn riffled through her hair long enough to get his fingers on it. “I have it,” he said. “Now be still so I can untangle it.” He chuckled. “Who would have thought you could knock the Earl of Mayden to his knees but an insect could get you this worked up.” He began to untangle the bug, strand by strand of hair. 
Finally, he said, “I got it. It’s free.” 
But then something hard and heavy as a coin hit her breast. “See, it’s out of your hair,” he said. But now it was in her dĂ©colletage. It slipped and slithered and writhed its way between her breasts, looking for shelter. Claire screamed. She couldn't help it. She screamed. 
“Would you be quiet, Claire?” Finn hissed. “Someone will call the watch.” 
Claire jumped up and down, hoping she could shake the bug from the top of her dress, but she could actually see its body moving beneath her clothing. “Get it, Finn,” she cried. 
Finn reached a hand into her bodice. “Pardon me, I’m not trying to cup your breast,” he grunted as his fingers did just that. He lifted her left breast with one hand while the other grabbed for the bug. He growled and tugged at her gown, pulling it lower so he could get his hand farther inside. 
“Finn, please,” she urged. The bug was going lower and lower, and it would be in her drawers if it traveled much farther. 
“I got it,” he finally said. He held it up in one hand and gloated, while his other hand was still stuffed inside her bodice, cupping her breast. “See, Claire, I got it. Nothing to worry about.” 
A gasp rang out behind them on the garden path. Finn closed his eyes tightly and turned her so that her body was shielded by his. “Tell me that’s not your father,” he moaned. 
Claire looked over his shoulder. “It’s my father,” she whispered. “And the duke. And Marcus.” She thumped the bug from his outstretched fingers. The creature could go burn in hell for all she cared, their unspoken treaty be damned. 
“What’s going on out here?” Claire’s father asked. “Claire, are you all right?” 
“Lord Phineas was just helping me retrieve a bug that was bound to do me harm.”
© Tammy Falkner, 2013



Desperately Seeking Excitement...

With the temporary prohibition on magic on the land of the Fae, Claire Thorne might as well go back to the Regency world. The haut ton has just as many annoying rules as her world, but at least they have parties and dances. Plus, the roguish Lord Phineas "Finn" Trimble is there...

When the feisty faerie tumbles into his room through a magical portal, Finn can't believe how completely unpredictable she is. Even before the two stumble into a dangerous intrigue that threatens both their worlds, Finn discovers that his hitherto carefree life is about to go up in smoke...

“Charming and filled with the magic of love and faith...Falkner's tale whisks readers into a realm of enchantment.” RT Book Reviews, 4 Stars


As half of the Lydia Dare writing team, Tammy Falkner has co-written ten books, including A Certain Wolfish Charm and In the Heat of the Bite. A huge fan of Regency England, her regency paranormal series combines the magical elements of both mystical faeries and the glittering regency ton. Tammy lives on a farm in rural North Carolina with her husband and a house full of boys, a few dogs, and a cat or two. Visit her website,, for more information.


Mason Canyon said...

Oh, Tammy I love this story. When I read things like this in books it makes me wonder 'where did they get that idea from.' Now I know, it was probably something that happened to them or someone they know. So cute. Wishing you much success.

Sia, thanks for hosting another wonderful author. Tammy's writing is always enjoyable and brings a smile to my face.

~Sia McKye~ said...

Mason, Thanks for stopping by. :-)

I agree. Tammy's writing always sparkles with laughter, a touch of suspense, enchantment, and romance.

The whole bug thing made me laugh.

Michael Di Gesu said...

HI, Sia, HI, Tammy...

This was great! Too funny. I ALWAYS use my travels and incidents in my life as part of my stories. Of course, the circumstance, characters, etc. are changed, My voice flows through my eleven-year-old half human/half elemental Amber, as well as, my troubled abused seventeen-year-old Aidan.

Writers can bond with their works seamlessly at any time...

Thanks for the fun post, Sia...

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

That's a funny story. And fit so well in your book.

Carol Kilgore said...

That's so funny! I could see it happening to me - the real incident, that is, not the one with Lord Phineas. A spider and I had a run in one day last year that's now part of one of my WIPs. In a way. Great to meet you, Tammy.

Hi, Sia!

Jo said...

I bet there's a lot more real life incidents used in books than we realise.